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How to Apply for Germany Job Seeker VISA Online

how to apply germany job seeker visa

Considering the tremendous labor rush in Germany, as empty job opportunities are waiting to be filled up, it becomes an important thing for every foreigner to know how to apply for a Germany Job seeker visa online.

National statistics in Germany keep pointing at the certainty that there are a lot of job spaces in Germany that are unfilled. There is an unprecedented surge in Germany’s labor market that demands the services of skilled workers, which include Engineers, Health specialists, and IT specialists.

With the German government making laws and amendments that support and motivate foreigners to pick up Visa application forms to work in Germany, it is not an entirely bad idea to grab the opportunity of working in Germany.

However, you wouldn’t just bump yourself into Germany as a foreigner, there are certain procedures and steps that you must take, requirements that you must reach to be able to successfully obtain a job seeker Visa in Germany.

What is a Germany Jobseeker Visa?

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a category of visa application options specific for entry and migration to Germany that offers you a 6-month residence duration in Germany with the intent of searching for and getting a Job.

The visa scheme was set up in August 2012, with the sole objective of having highly skilled workers from different parts of the world work in Germany.

Why do I need a German Job Seeker Visa?

Germany’s job seeker visa is specified for Non-EU citizens, who have intentions of working in Germany. EU citizens, EEA, as well as Switzerland, are permitted to work in Germany without the need for a Visa.

Citizens of the USA, Korea, Israel, and Australia, are given preferential visa treatment in this regard as they do not need to obtain a Jobseeker Visa to work in Germany.

However, they can obtain a temporary residence permit which can be gotten upon arrival in Germany.

However, they can obtain a temporary residence permit that can be gotten upon arrival in the country.

Citizens of other countries other than these, need a German job seeker visa to grant them rights to search for jobs, work gets employed in Germany.

Requirements to be Eligible for a Job Seeker VISA in Germany?

There are certain documents and procedures which applicants must present and abide, by to be eligible to obtain a German job seeker visa. These documents must be authentic and not bogus or a product of impersonation.  German job seeker criteria include;

  • The applicant must be up to 18 years. Intending applicants must attain the age of majority to be able to apply for a job seeker visa in Germany.
  • Academic Qualification: individuals intending to apply for a work visa must have acquired a master’s degree from any German university or they will have to present a foreign equivalent degree in line with the one offered.
  • Work experience: intending applicants must have and show proof of at least 5 years of work experience. This work experience must be directly related to the line of work that is wishing.
  • Financial Records: Applicants are meant to be provided with documents that affirm their financial status and prove that they have enough funds to sustain them in the country.

How to get a German job seeker VISA Online?

A Germany Job seeker visa is obtained from the German embassy in your country of residence. All necessary documents needed for your visa approval must be available and accurate at the point of submission to earn your approval.

Documents Needed for a Germany Jobseeker Visa?

Understanding the sort of documents you need for your German Job seeker visa is part of the process of your visa approval. These documents help you secure a visa pass and not a denial if its content is complete and proven to be genuine and authentic.

This is the list of documents you need to get an approved German job seeker visa;

  • Valid passport: Applicants must provide a valid passport with a validity that doesn’t date later than 10 years and at least 12 months from the point of Visa application.
  • An official of your passport’s data  
  • 3 Passports that must have Biometric requirements
  • Provision of a cover letter that clearly states your purpose for applying for the visa, the purpose of your visit, your employment plan, how you plan on getting a job, and your backup plan in case you were unable to get a job in Germany.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae(CV)
  • Documents of your academic qualification
  • Proof of your financial statement.
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Personal details; Marriage certificate, birth certificate.
  • Proof of visa payment

However, having all these documents in your possession does not guarantee that you will get visa approval from the consulate and embassy.

How to Apply for a Germany Jobseeker Visa?

 For you to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa, you need to follow the procedures offered here.

  • Obtain and complete the germany Jobseeker Visa application form.
  • Arrange a Visa appointment
  • Arrange a meeting with the embassy for your interview.
  • Pay the required visa fees.

How much does it cost to obtain a Germany Jobseeker Visa?

It cost £75 to get a Germany Job seeker visa form. Germany’s job seeker visa is re-referred to as a long-term visa, however, obtaining the application form is no guarantee that you will be approved and reimbursements are not offered to applicants in the event of any changes.

Germany Jobseeker visa can be extended after its receipt. This is in any event that you fail to get a job during the stipulated time frame.

Nevertheless, a Jobseeker visa is just a platform to grant you an opportunity to seek jobs. If you get a job, you are advised to obtain a residence permit for employment that warrants you to stay and work in the country.