New Rules and Requirements For Applying Student VISA in Australia


New rules for Student VISA in Australia – If you desire quality, research-based higher education then Australia is the right place for you. With over 100,000 international students enrolled yearly, Australia is a hotspot for international students, however, you will need to obtain a Student visa if you wish to study in Australia.


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection issued a new visa guideline starting from July 1, 2016, to all prospective foreign students to apply for visas under subclass 500. Subclasses 571-576 were combined into subclass 500.

Apply To A University To Get A Confirmation Of Enrolment

This is the first major consideration when seeking admission into any Australian University. You must apply to be enrolled by your preferred and only after you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and paid tuition fees can you proceed to apply for your Student Visa. You will be required to submit proof of COE and confirmation of payments.

What are the Required Documents for Australia Student Visa?

You will be required to submit the following documents before your visa application will be considered.

  • Your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • An OSHC health insurance: It is a major requirement that international students purchase this insurance scheme.
  • Proof of financial stability: You must provide proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses, or alternatively you can show proof that your parents are financially capable to support you while studying and that they earn at least AU$60,000 annually
  • English proficiency: International students that are non-English natives are required to undergo a language proficiency test to prove they can speak English to a required level. The following are eligible language test listed by the Department of Home Affairs IELTS, TOEFL, PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE), AND CAMBRIDGE ADVANCED ENGLISH (CAE)
  • Criminal record check
  • Completed Australian student application form
  • Proof of visa application payment
  • Valid passport
  • Four recent passport sized photographs
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Note: To get a comprehensive list of visa requirements pertaining to your specific country please visit the official Department of Home Affairs.

Create An ImmiAccount With The Australian Immigration Authority

Once you have your documents ready, proceed to create your Immiaccount, after which you can begin your visa application process.

Remember to apply for a student visa subclass 500, after completing the application, you are required to pay the visa fee which is AU$575. After confirmation of payment, you will be issued your Transaction Reference Number.(TRN) You can use your TRN-number to check your application status.

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Medical Interview and Check-Up

Depending on where you live and study, you will be required to undergo a medical check-up or interview. However, this information will be related to you after the completion of your application if it applies to you. Alternatively, you can do your medical check or interview in your home country with doctors approved by the Australian Immigration authorities. Check here to see the doctors in your country approved by the Australian Authorities.

Wait On Your Visa Decision

The expediency of your visa application depends on where you are applying from and backlogs at the Australian Immigration office. Usually, the student visa application process takes around 4 weeks or less once your application is complete. You can also check your visa application status at the Australian Immigration website with the account you created and if needed your TRN-number.

Note: Once you have confirmed your visa application is approved, you should endeavour to enter Australia within 90 days before the course start date as shown on your CoE.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the Australian authorities can make changes to the visa application process without notifying us. Different rules can apply to different nationalities so always read the instructions from the immigration authorities carefully. The information in the article above is correct to the best of our knowledge but we cannot be held responsible for any error that might occur without our knowledge. When in doubt always trust the official sources and check with them if needed.


How long does it take to Apply for Australia Student Visa?

The duration and processing for Australia Student Visa are just between 4 – 6 weeks.

Is Australia Student Visa Hard to Get?

Australian Student Visa is kinda easier compared to other countries’ VISA. Just have the required documents. You are good to go!

Can you get Rejected for Australia Student Visa?

You can be rejected for an Australian Student Visa if you failed to follow the required processes like not having enough funds or errors in your financial documents


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