Best Companies to Work For in Chicago Entry Level

The joy of every employee is to have good pay, a nice work environment, and to be surrounded by friendly staff. These and more features are criteria to judge how good a company is. Our duty with this review is to offer you the best companies to work for in Chicago.

There are a lot of reasons why one will love to work in Chicago and most of these reasons are not far-fetched. Chicago as known as the windy city is one of the most sought-after locations in the world. It is great to work in Chicago because of the numerous job opportunities available, the cultural fiestas, the arts, and innovation. The vibe that comes with the environment’s atmosphere, and the serene nature of Chicago make the state an attractive workspace.

Some companies in Chicago are classified as the best according to international standards. Getting to know most of them will give you a greater of quickly getting yourself acquainted with them, as well as reducing the stress of having a fruitless job search.

Top 10 Best Companies to work in Chicago

There are various best companies to work for in Chicago below are the best place to work in

1. Donnelley Financial Solutions (Dfin)
2. DRW Holdings LLC
3. The Marketing Store
4. Zoro
5. Grainger
4. Wolverine Worldwide. INC.
5. Relativity
6. Braintree Payment
7. Strata Decision Technology

Donnelley Financial Solutions (Dfin)

Location: Chicago

Founded: October 2016

Donnelly Financial Solutions is a top brand company with leads in Fintech systems and Information technology. Dfin specializes in providing computer programs that are geared at supporting banking and financial practices. Their services are spread out to clients with the need of setting up an electronic and digital financial system. These services comprise but are not limited to USA’s mutual funds, hedge funds, investment funds, partnerships, and business deals with insurance firms, foreign establishments, and collective establishments.

This company is accountable for up to 3100 employees as of 2018, with operational divisions in Global Capital markets, Global Investment markets, and international operations in countries like the USA, Europe, Asia, and Canada more importantly good attestation from the staff on a favorable working environment.

 DRW Holdings LLC

Location: Chicago

Founded: Late 1980s

 DRW Holdings LLC is a multi-trading enterprise that specializes in innovative financial management schemes for the benefit of its clients. They make use of enhanced and advanced technology to solve financial problems in the market, and also issues regarding assets and their acquisition.

With over 25 years of expertise, the company has not been in the business of satisfying its clients but also massively recruiting workers. Their work details spread across campus workers, crypto-assets management, technology, trading, etc, with an employment capacity of 605 employees.

The Marketing Store

Location: Chicago

Founded: 1986

The marketing store is a marketing and tech agency, serving over 110 million customers each day offering services which include; Brand Identity and Marketing and advertisement of the brand which include creating a visual language, graphical displays, product enhancements, experiential content creation, social media management, data-driven CRM programs, creating of games and offering clients with loyalty schemes to boost retail sales by driving sales and increase engagement.

The marketing store offers its workers (over 300) a creative platform to be innovative, resourceful, and inspiring.


Location: Chicago

Founded: 2011

Zoro is an e-commerce company located in Chicago with an employment capacity of 300 employees, offering over 1 million live products on its site. Their services include; fast shipping and delivery of products, a customer service platform, product display, sales, and handling.

This firm also comprises youth development, job training, job support, and sensitization and support to low-income earners.


Zoro remains one of the commendable companies in Chicago with an amazing working interaction between its staff and clients.


Location: Chicago 

Founded: 1927

Grainger is one of the USA’s trusted supply firms for MRO Maintenance and Technical Supplies, and deliveries of industrial products. Its services and product delivery include; Safety and security equipment, HVAC, plumbing needs, motors, and power transmission parts, materials for packaging and shipping, as well as taping, adhesives, fasteners, and office tools and utilities.

With the job rush that requires that they deliver over 1.5 million products, there is always a duty for workers.  

Wolverine Worldwide. INC.

Location: Chicago

Founded: 1883

 Wolverine worldwide inc. is a footwear manufacturing and trading company. This company is known for its licensed ownership of shoes, boots, and partnerships with multiple companies like Sperry, Saucony, Hush Puppies, etc. This company boasts an employable rate of 3700 employees with a company specialization in trading. Display, and value enhancement, of footwear products. With over 200 companies set up around the world, and millions of customers to attend to, there is always a great need to keep deliveries and meet the client’s requests.


Location: Chicago

Founded: 2001 

Relativity is a software company that offers essential to its clients such as case assessment, fact management, review, and file organization.

Their software helps clients discover essential TRUTHS which they seek and understand how to act upon the truth they just discovered. Relativity offers its staff an opportunity to own a virtual workspace and work from home, as long as there is an assurance that maximum efficiency will be attained.

 Braintree Payment

Location: Chicago

Founded: 2007 

Braintree Payment is a payment structure/company which was launched in Chicago in 2007 with multiple payment structures which include; Venmo, Paypal, and a Braintree instore payment structure that assists companies in processing billions of business transactions.

 Their services include; building payment utilities for clients, accepting payments, and creating an electronic commerce platform for its users. With an employee strength of 500 staff, there are chances of getting jobs.

Strata Decision Technology

Location: Chicago

Founded: 1996 

Strata Decision Technology is a health-tech company that offers financial services and analytics for enterprises, enhancing them with business intelligence tools geared at helping them create more creative channels and make great decisions to boost their businesses. This company achieves this goal by offering its clients unique software, StrataJazz. This cloud-based structure helps health providers in curating, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analyzing business options for the company’s growth.

This company offers its workers a flexible job option by permitting a work-from-home feature.

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