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How Can I Get Job Seeker Visa in Austria

how to apply for job seeker visa in austria

How do I get a job seeker visa in Austria is now a recurring question for most international visitors or foreigners. This special inclination, flair, desire, and love to work in Austria is because of its high work pay, diverse work opportunities, as well as a provision for a serene and perfect environment for culture, night events, and national occasions.

Austria is seen by foreigners as one of the best places to live in Europe which is true, with an average daily pay of £3,790 /month and provides maximum salary range of £16,900 per month.

Truth be told, the process of migrating to Austria as a foreigner seems easier for EU and EEA citizens. Non-EU and EEA citizens are expected to enroll for a work visa-Jobseeker visa so as to have residence and employment opportunities in the country.

Obtaining a work visa in Austria is regulated by a legal system that is regarded as the RED-WHITE-RED CARD. The process sets out requirements for migrants on a measurable scale to determine their merits and the possibility of getting a successful visa application.

All Visa applicants are required to meet the migration standards that are set out by the Austrian government with full payment dues of the required fees.

Nevertheless, Jobseeker Visas/work visas have a duration of 6 months – 1 year for foreigners.

How to get an Austrian Work Visa?

Getting an Austrian work visa is followed using the Red-white-Card System. This procedure measures your skillset, academic, and work qualification, in line with the work you are set to apply for.

Austria’s work visas are granted to intending workers whose skills are of potential demand in the country and its labor market.

The red-white-red card visa card is open for prospective job seekers together with an employment letter or for very highly qualified workers.

Highly qualified workers are referred to workers that have up to 6 years of work experience and fluency in English Language or German Language. This is classified either on an A1 level or an A2 level.

Intending applicants can decide to apply for the job seeker option with a 6 months duration to look for a job that matches their skill set or you apply for a visa using the Red-White-Red Card if you have a job offer or invite that is in line with your work qualification and skill set.

Job seekers can apply for a highly qualified worker when he/she scored at least 70 points upward in the Red-White-Red Card scheme. These points are scanned based on the information studies, your working experiences, your fluency in the language, salary, age, innovation and research, awards, and studies in Austria.

The official age bracket for all intending foreign workers is 35-45 years and these age brackets have different points attached to them.

And of course, the total maximum point for Austria Card is 100 while the minimum point expected from a job seeker visa is 70.

Although 65 points are also considered for work visa applications in Austria. The Red-White-Red card has its duration attached to it, as well as an employer tagged to each card.

However, you can opt for an upgrade that grants you access to unlimited job opportunities in the labor market. Having the “plus” Red-White-Red Visa card will let you apply and also work for employers differently from the one on your card.

Intending workers are also allowed to apply for the Red-White-Red Card Visa through the shortage occupation stream. This workstream is reserved for third-country citizens, offering them a residence duration of up to 2 years.

Applicants for this scheme are meant to show proof of completion of training in the shortage occupation that they are applying for, receive a job invitation from any respective employer ready to pay at least the minimum salary pay indicated by the law, and the ability to reach at least 55 points in the Red-White-Red card.

Nevertheless, foreigners seeking to work in Austria can get the job seeker visa for £100 or can go for the Red-White-Red card for £120.

Documents needed to apply for a Job Seeker Visa in Austria?

Certain documents are needed for an approved Jobseeker Visa in Austria. Your ability to provide authentic and not bogus copies of these documents grants you chances for a successful migration to Austria for work purposes.

These documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of acquired accommodation
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Proof of Travel document
  • Passport Photograph
  • Proof of financial Backup
  • Tax statements
  • Work experience
  • Proof of proficiency and Language skill

Aside from getting a job seeker visa, an EU blue card grants you access to obtain a Red-White-Red card.

The Red-White-Red card has more advantages to job seeker visas as you don’t need to have an invitation or legitimate offer from an employer. For you to be eligible for an EU Blue card you must be a citizen of

a non-EU country. Applicants for the EU Blue card must be highly skilled and have an academic qualification of up to a Bachelor’s level or five years of professional work experience at the senior level.

Jobseeker visa in Austria is not limited to job seekers but also entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are allowed to apply for a visa under the self-employment key worker route.

Entrepreneurs are permitted to migrate to Austria as well as set up businesses in the country. This scheme is to obtain a sustainable platform for innovation and business trade and open more grounds for investment by foreigners.

Applications from entrepreneurs are analyzed for scrutiny and consideration that your business trade and intending work to be planted in the country are unique, defined, and will be of great advantage to the economy of Austria. Entrepreneurs are requested to provide their business plans, a memorandum of understanding with a local business (if necessary), and all documents required for visa application.

Who issues the Jobseeker Visa?

Jobseeker visas are issued out by the Austrian embassy or consulate. This Austrian representation organization is in charge of issuing visas to eligible applicants. Application forms are picked up from these representative bodies in your home country or residence.

Regardless of when and where you are starting your Austria job seeker application form, properly following the required guidelines and routines will grant you a VISA approval.