Study in Canada Without IELTS Requirements in 2023 (15 Canadian Universities Fully Funded Scholarships)


The Canadian Government has made it easy to study in Canada without IELTS requirements. By submitting your application in 2023, the great surprise is that it’s a fully funded Canadian scholarship.


Canada scholarship 2023 for all international students is now made for those interested in studying in Canada on a scholarship basis. Canadian schools are among the top and most famous higher education learning, providing high-quality education and scholarship programs for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate degrees.

The Search Engines have got a lot of results based on the “Scholarship in Canada Without IELTS”, But most of the results talk about the opportunities present there. They do not go deeper into how you can find a verified scholarship, how to apply for it, and then the eligibility for the scholarship.

So, Keep on reading!

What does IELTS Stand for? 

IELTS means International English Language Testing System. It aims to measure the competency and potential of international candidates who wants to study or work in an English-native country. 

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You can apply for a well-detailed list of fully funded Canadian scholarships without IELTS requirements for all international students.

What does Canadian Fully Funded Scholarship Cover?

If you are lucky to be part of the winner of the fully-funded Canadian scholarship grant. You’ll be entitled to

– An opportunity to live and study for free in Canada

– Provided funds for your monthly expense in Canada

– A medical Insurance that the Canadian Government will fully sponsor.

And a lot more…

Is it Possible to Study in Canada Without IELTS?

Absolutely Yes! You can study in Canada without IELTS, but language proficiency requirements vary according to some Universities.

Students can be admitted to Canada Universities without IELTS by opting for specific options.

– Finishing previous five years of education from an English medium institute.

– Submitting any other alternative English language test scores.

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– Proof of belonging to any English native country.

– By opting for any English language course offered by a Canadian university.


– Providing English Language Proficiency Certificate.

Is IELTS Compulsory in Canada?

Not all Universities or colleges will mandate or make it compulsory for international students/applicants. But you must check the requirements of your selected university.

Lists of Canadian Universities Without IELTS Requirement for Admissions

Note: Check for the eligibility and language proficiency requirements before applying to any international Universities. Every university and college has different conditions.

  1. University of Alberta
  2. Carleton University
  3. McGill University
  4. Seneca College
  5. Memorial University of Newfoundland
  6. Algoma University
  7. Brandon University
  8. Okanagan College
  9. University of Winnipeg
  10. Brock University
  11. Concordia University
  12. Cambrian College
  13. University of Saskatchewan
  14. University of Regina
  15. University of Guelph

University of Alberta Fully Funded Scholarship 2023

This new initiative was launched in 2022 for academic admission in 2023. and of course, the University of Alberta has terminated the IELTS requirements. Fully funded master’s and doctoral programs. They have added new universities in IELTS-exempt countries.

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The University of Alberta is among the top Canadian universities offering scholarships in 2022 for the 2023 session and fully funded scholarships in Canada. All international and Canadian citizens are eligible for University of Alberta Scholarships.

Eligibility for University of Alberta In Canada

– Canadian citizens and international students can apply.

– Late applications will not be accepted

– The criteria also depend on the course of study you choose.

Documents Required for University of Alberta Scholarship in Canada

– Your Transcripts, degrees and CVs

– Your reference letters

– Your Scholarship Recommendation Letters

– Your Certificates (if any)

– Your Proof of English language proficiency

– Your Motivation letter with the scholarship application

How to Apply For University of Alberta Scholarship in Canada

Kindly Apply via University of Alberta Scholarship 2023 official website.

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