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Cheapest Universities in Switzerland for All International Students

Cheapest Universities in Switzerland for International Students

Switzerland Universities is the cheapest for all international students, because, Switzerland is also known for its impressive education system globally. Students would wanna choice the schools in Switzerland over other schools in the world, cause of the good and conducive serenity for students looking to study abroad.

We’ll be bringing you the best and cheapest universities in Switzerland for all international students.

Is Education Free in Switzerland for International Students?

Although, universities in Switzerland are not totally free, because the funds come from the Swiss government. Of course, you can check out and look for scholarships to cover your tuition while studying in Switzerland.

Exams Required To Study in Switzerland?

IELTS or TOEFL is mostly required if you wanna study at universities in Switzerland.

German: DSH, TestDaF, OSD, telco, and others.
French: DELF or DALF.
English: IELTS, TOEFL.

Is Studying in Switzerland Cheap/Affordable for International Students?

Absolutely Yes, Studying in Switzerland is affordable to a great extent, there is a list of cheap universities in Switzerland for international students to study. From their cost of living to the education system, it is a good indication that it is affordable to live and school there.

Cheapest Universities in Switzerland for International Students

Franklin University Switzerland

  • Tuition fees: $36,300 and $45,600 for Domestic and International tuition respectively.
  • Franklin University Switzerland Admission Requirement Page
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Although it is a private liberal arts university in Lugano, Franklin University has flexible tuition costs to fit the educational budget of an average international student, as you’d see from the tuition sticker price.

Another thing that makes this school stand out is its accreditation by the United States and the presence of various scholarship packages for both national and international students.

The university offers Bachelor’s degree programs and about five master’s degree programs under three colleges: the Colleges of Business; Health and Public Administration; and Arts, Sciences, and Technology.

University of Geneva

  • The tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programme is – 500 CHF ($500 USD)/semester
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Established in 1599 as a law school and theological seminary by John Calvin, the University of Geneva is the second-largest university in Switzerland. With a tuition fee of $500 per semester for undergraduate students, the University of Geneva is considered the cheapest Swiss university for undergraduate international students.

The university is currently one of the best research universities in Europe. It offers over 500 programs covering a wide variety of fields, including social sciences, medicine, law, and humanities, among others. Moreover, the university also has strong ties with international organizations, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and the International Telecommunications Union.

Aside from studying, students of the University of Geneva can also look forward to visiting museums, watching cultural events, or touring must-see sites in Geneva during weekends. They can also take advantage of sports activities available for students of the university. Moreover, the students can also volunteer for charity work in and around Geneva.

University of Lausanne

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: 580 CHF ($600 USD) per semester
  • Tuition for Graduate Programme is – 580 CHF ($600 USD)/semester
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Another affordable higher institution worth considering in Switzerland is Franklin University Switzerland.

Established in 1537, the University of Lausanne was originally a school of theology that trained ministers for the church. After the number of faculties increased, it gained the status of a university in 1890. With a tuition fee of $600 per semester for graduate students, the University of Lausanne is considered the cheapest university in Switzerland for graduate international students.

The university has just 7 faculties which offer some varieties of courses for both local and forestudents. The programs offered by the university include Biology, Law, Geosciences and Environment, Management, and Psychology.

One-fifth of the student population of the University of Lausanne comes from abroad giving it an international atmosphere.

University of Basel

  • Tuition fees: Students enrolled at the university are charged a fee of CHF 850 each semester.
  • University of Basel Admission Requirement Page
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The University of Basel comprises of 7 Faculties: The faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Psychology, and the Institute of education science.

UniBasel is the oldest in Switzerland and is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide. International students are offered various scholarships, such as the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, to reward students with outstanding academic performance.

In this institution, students are offered Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate programs through a series of courses.

University of Bern

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
  • Swiss students – 750 CHF ($800 USD) per semester
  • International students – 950 CHF ($1,000 USD) per semester
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The University of Bern can be traced to the conversion of the former School of Theology in 1805 into an Academy as part of the reorganization of higher education in Bern. In 1834, the Academy was converted into a university. The university flourished as the city of Bern prospered.

Today, the university offers a broad array of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs for local and international students. These degree programs also include Education, Art History, Theology, Physics, Law, and also Linguistics.

Aside from its rich selection of courses, the university also gives its students the opportunity to contribute to finding solutions to global issues and challenges. Moreover, the students have the chance to enrich themselves culturally through the museums located in and around the university.

University of Zurich

  • Tuition fees: From 820 CHF Per Semester for both undergraduate and graduate programs
  • University of Zurich Admission Requirement Page
  • University of Zurich Tuition Details Page via

The next on the list of cheapest universities in Zurich Switzerland is home to many international students. It is considered one of the most affordable in the country, despite its excellent facilities and very high quality of education.

At this university, the primary language of study for a Bachelor’s degree is Swiss-German which would have been a barrier for international students thanks to the rising number of English programs in the institution. Most master’s programs in some faculties are administered in English now.

UniZurich has a student body of 30,000 and has been in operation since 1833. This university has seven different faculties, such as the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Philosophy, Mathematics, Law, Economics, Medicine, and Engineering.

University of Fribourg

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
  • Swiss/Lichtenstein students – 835 CHF ($900 USD) per semester
  • Foreign students – 985 CHF ($1,100 USD)/semester
  • Tuition Fee Details pageLink via

While the University of Fribourg traces its roots to the Collège Saint-Michel, which was established in 1580, its recognized foundation came after the Academy of Jurisprudence was established in 1763.

The university features five faculties offering a range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. While these courses are mainly offered in French and German, some courses are available for international students in English. The course offerings include Law, Theology, Management, History, and Human Medicine.

They can join workshops and conferences at the student center, watch films presented by the university cinema club, or join any of the student organizations in the university. The sports center also offers a diverse program with more than 60 sports catering to the different interests of the students.

Bern University of Applied Sciences

  • Tuition fees: 1,500 CHF and 1,900 CHF for domestic and international Bachelor’s tuition, respectively.
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences Tuition Fee Details Page link via

If your search is narrowed down to the kind of institution where you learn a wide range of subjects through research and discussions, but with low tuition fees, then the Bern University of Applied Science is your best bet.

Students who want to attend the Bern University of Applied Science in Switzerland only have to worry about raising 1,500 CHF for domestic tuition.

Here, strategic education and high-quality teaching are valued despite the low tuition rate.

So, the aforementioned reviewed cheap and affordable Universities in Switzerland, prove that you can still obtain a substantial valuable education at a budgeted price.