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Top and Legit Free Universities in Finland to Consider

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Studying at tuition-free Universities in Finland will actually make you cut your spending, meaning free universities in Finland will give you the opportunity to save and do other meaningful things with the money you are supposed to use for your tuition.

Sadly such an update you’ve been reading online about tuition-free Universities in Finland is outdated, the truth is, no university in the country can extend its tuition-free policy to international students. Although it works few years back. That doesnt stop you to pursue your dream course in Finland.

Finland is known for it has high-quality education system, and also it offers tuition-free education for both domestic and also international students in its public universities efficiently those days, which doesn’t mean they’ve stopped all the benefits.

However, please note that while tuition fees are not charged in Finnish universities, there may still be certain costs which are associated with studying in Finland, like living expenses, and also student union fees.

Below are some universities in Finland that offer actually tuition-free education for international students:

Top and Legit Free Finnish Universities to Consider

1. University of Helsinki
2. Aalto University
3. University of Oulu
4. University of Turku
5. University of Eastern Finland

University of Helsinki

Helsinki Free Tuition Details webpage

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and also largest university in Finland, which offers a lot of degree programs. International students from outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland are exempt from paying tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs taught in Finnish or Swedish. But students are responsible for covering their living expenses.

Aalto University

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university located in Helsinki. While it charges tuition fees for non-European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) students, it provides a limited number of scholarships for exceptional students, including some that cover tuition fees.

University of Oulu

The University of Oulu is located in the northern Finland and provides tuition-free education for all international students. But, certain master’s degree programs may actually have specific tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students.

Tampere University

Tampere Free Tuition Details webpage

Tampere University is a public merger of the former University of Tampere and also Tampere University of Technology. This institution provides tuition-free education for all international students in its bachelor’s and also master’s degree programs. Its an institution you’ll want to study in

University of Turku

The University of Turku was founded in 1974 it is a multidisciplinary university with eight faculties, is situated in the southwest of Finland, provides tuition-free education for non-EU/EEA students in its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

List of Universities in Finland Without having IELTS

Below are some universities to study without having IELTS

  1. LUT University
  2. HAMK Hame University of Applied Sciences.
  3. Hanken School of Economics.
  4. LAB University of Applied Sciences.
  5. Arcade University.
  6. Kajaani un. ( KAMK) Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.
  7. Helsinki School of Business
  8. Metropolia university.

It’s worth noting that these aforementioned universities may have their specific requirements and also eligibility criteria for international students. So, i advise you to visit their official websites or contact the admissions office directly so as to gather accurate and up-to-date information regarding their tuition fees, scholarships, and admission procedures.

Finland College Fees for all International Students

The tuition fees for international students in Finland can vary depending on the university and also the study program. As of 2017-2018, Finland introduced tuition fees for non-European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) students studying in English-taught bachelor’s or master’s degree programs.

So the tuition fees for international students in Finland typically range between 4,000 to 20,000 EUR per year for bachelor’s degree programs, and also from 8,000 to 25,000 EUR per year for master’s degree programs.