Tips On How To Look Radiant During Ramadan

How To Look Radiant and have glowing Skin During Ramadan

As we all know the holy month of Ramadan fasting period will start Wednesday, 22 March 2023, and End on Friday, 21 April 2023 (Dates may vary), we would want you to look good during Ramadan fasting. so we decided to compose an article on easy tips on how to make you look and feel good by enhancing your natural beauty.

One of the main reasons we stay clear of makeup during this holy month of Ramadan is not to attract the opposite sex.

However, it is possible to put on your kohl, because this is on the layout of your eyes.  Also, eating a healthy meal, sufficient sleep, and trying these natural beauty regimes are important to maintain gorgeous skin, inside and out.

1. Your Face

Wash your face regularly.

Steam your face for three minutes. This is a system that makes open pores and is one of a cleanser for your skincare which makes it more radiant and soft.

2. Your Eyes

Treat your eyes by soaking two cotton wool pads in cold camomile tea, leaving them on for 10 min, and relaxing, it has a cooling and soothing effect.

3. Your whole Body and Foot

You can produce a body scrub for yourself by mixing a handful of oatmeal and bran with water rose.

When you pamper your foot it helps in the relaxation of your state of mind, This is one of the blessed beauty satisfaction.

4. Your Lips

By not wearing lipstick, lipgloss, or lip balm during Ramadan, your lips feel dry and might even be chapping.  At night try and slick on a coat of Vaseline or lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.


5. How to Maintain and have a Glow Skin during Ramadan 2023

To maintain healthy skin during Ramadan, try and drink at least two liters(two glasses in the morning and night) of water every day, I know you might feel like not taking it but, believe me, it’s very good to do that during this Ramadaan.  A cup of lukewarm water mixed with 3-6 drops of lemon fruit can detox and flush out any impurities that might have gathered up on your body overnight.

While observing fasting, you might not have much strength or time to prepare yourself a well-diet food,  kindly go to your local pharmacy(Chemist) and buy natural vitamins and minerals for your daily intake.

Taking bananas and apples at suhoor/ sehri is very a rich source of potassium during fasting, an essential mineral for balancing your body’s PH and body fluids, these will maintain your normal blood pressure.

The only DETOX(cleansing the blood) that works is FASTING.

Observing fasting has a lot of silent cures for many body ailments:

– FASTING gives your metabolic machinery (the body fighter) neutralize harmful radicals in your cells body.

– Observing FASTING makes your liver neutralize and destroy toxins.

– When observing FASTING it aids in self-cleansing in the gut. – Mouth to Rectum.

– It makes your soul spiritually nourished

So, kindly Embrace fasting during this Ramadan period to get your soul spiritually nourished and hear from Almighty ALLAH clearly.

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