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University of Alberta fully funded scholarship 2023 (Acceptance fees and Requirements)

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After the removal of the IELTS requirement for University of Alberta admission, the university has receiving a lot of applications and the interesting part is that the school is accepting a lot of applicants that meet their requirements.

Today we will be talking about the University of Alberta’s fully funded scholarship 2023 its requirements, benefits, and some other details on how to apply for it.

About the University Of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 universities in Canada and is ranked in the top 150 universities in the world with adequate education equipment.

The university was established in the year 1908 located in Edmonton the City of Canada.

They offer degrees for Undergraduate, Master & Ph.D. and also offered fully funded scholarships.

The school always welcome both international students and citizen student and give them scholarship equally based on their qualification according to their requirements. They offer a lot of subjects and also no application fee which makes the school even more unique.

The university considered a lot of automatic qualifications so you have a high chance of granting admission because they have a high rate of accepting with over 200 Undergraduate programs, while 200+ Undergraduate programs, also have over 300 research areas and over 200 specializations which you can choose any of the programs you are passionate about.

Let’s quickly talk about the University of Alberta’s fully funded scholarship

University of Alberta fully funded scholarship Benefits for 2023

Scholarship Benefits

I will be listing 8 benefits of the university scholarship which have even more benefits

  • The university offers over $5,000/year in a doctoral  scholarship fund
  • International students will receive up to  $9,000 scholarship which will be payable over four years
  • The University of Alberta gives over $17,500 in a scholarship worth for master students  in case of stipends with an additional $10,000 to cover fees
  • The university also offers over $11,000 minimum and $15,000 maximum for Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES)
  • They also have George and Marsha Ivan President’s First & Best Scholarships which values at $40,000 i.e $10,000/year over four years.
  • Another scholarship offered by the University of Alberta is the Chancellors’ Scholarship worth  $30,000  which is  $7,500 years for four years
  • also, the  U of S Entrance Scholarships at the university is valued at $6,000 years which is $24,000 for the period of four years
  • $3,000 years at $12,000 for four years for The University of Agriculture and Bioresources Renewable Entrance Scholarships at the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta academic fields

Before we talk about the requirements let’s quickly list the academy filed for graduates and undergraduates

The university runs for 4-5 years for a degree, masters take 2-3 years while a doctorate takes 3-4 years. These are a few lists of the programs. Check the University of Alberta graduate programs here through and you can check for undergraduates here via

Academy fields

  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Fine Arts and Humanities
  • Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Native Studies.
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Alberta School of Business
  • Public Health.
  • Science
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Law

Requirements and documents

These are the requirements and documents you need to make sure available while processing the university of Alberta fully funded scholarship.

  • You need a reference later
  • You need 12 years of education if you are going for any bachelor’s programs
  • Yes for a master’s degree program, you need undergraduate education
  • Good academic records
  • recommendation letter
  • Certificates where needed
  • They have a 35 age limit for masters while 40 for a doctorate
  • Of course, you need a transcript, degrees, and CVs
  • English Proficiency Certificate from the last institute but ILETS are not required
  • International passport (For international students)
  • Statement of purpose required

How To Apply

  • To start your application you need to visit the university’s official website using this link
  • Then you will click ‘begin application’ below either the undergraduate or graduate students depending on your application
  • Choose your preferred program
  • The next page will show you the necessary information you need to fill in and the documents to provide
  • Continue the process while getting all documents set!

Scholarship Dates

These are the dates and deadlines for the applications

  • For the September intake the 1st of July
  • while the first of November is for the January admission
  • May admission comes on the 1st of may
  • and July admission commences by the 1st of May

Kindly start the application right now so as to quickly get admission and have a higher chance of getting admission