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3 Best Steps to Study and Pass NCLEX Rn Exam – For All Nurses

3 Best Steps to study and Pass NCLEX

Let’s talk about the top 3 ways of passing the NCLEX RN, So I’m gonna be breaking down a systematic approach to how to study and pass NCLEX RN. This will boil down to how many hours a day, you can use to study for NCLEX with tips and tricks for passing your NCLEX on the first try.

So often, I hear it, students fail NCLEX RN and keep saying, we’ve been doing this for 7 years and so many resources are out there, everyone has like a remedy kind of like, a diet plan right how to lose weight, the same thing with the NCLEX. Everyone has like.


Oh yeah!

So I’m gonna be breaking down what has worked for 60,000 students and what hasn’t worked.


If you failed the NCLEX and are gonna take you to a second or third time, people usually find us after they fail like 5 times. I’ve even helped someone who failed, you can get this 17 times.

It took her 17 times because she had the wrong mindset and usually after you failed a second or third time. It’s just you know the NCLEX is getting inside your head and you just don’t have a solid study plan to fill the knowledge gaps in your brain, so if you failed the NCLEX you’re not.

I’m gonna be Breaking down 3steps that you need.

So let’s get into it.

There are 2ways that everyone studies for the NCLEX or really any board exam, especially even like your exit exams in nursing school right? So they either say do a bunch of content or do a bunch of questions and then you’re like a tangled mess all these resources, so little time, and then you already have job offers and everyone’s all that stress is like in your face right.

So for the content side, you’ve already heard it, you know? use the saunders book you know 6 of and watch a bunch of YouTube videos, share that guy’s audio that writes “questions for the NCLEX” or even use the “NCLEX prep” that your school bought you. Or on the question side, we talked about?

This uses the question Bank that everyone’s using right now, or take a hundred questions a day take a thousand questions a day? who nails just taking a bunch of questions right? So you know do this do that take 500 questions a day.


Passing Score For NCLEX 2023

This is determined by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) which may vary depending on the difficulty level of the exam.

How to Pass NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions

Passing the NCLEX-RN exam in 75 questions is actually aren’t easy as people think, but you can definitely achieve a good score with the right preparation and mindset.

Here are some NCLEX-RN tips that may help you:

– Start with a solid study plan
– Use reputable study materials: The more practice questions you answer, the more comfortable you will become with the types of questions that will be on the exam
– Practice, practice, practice
– Focus on your weaker areas: Spend extra time studying the areas where you feel less confident.
– Develop good test-taking strategies
– Take care of yourself

3 Best Steps to study and Pass NCLEX

3 Steps to Study and Pass Nclex Rn Exam

– You Need a goal

So, the goal number and I don’t know if anyone’s broken this down to you yet or maybe you’ve never heard of this before.

If you’re going to question the Bank route, I always recommend the rule of thumb is and write this down the goal is to do the 660 rule so, you have to take 600questions at 60% or higher on a credible question Bank and that’s basically the bare ass minimum to basically skimming the trees in terms of passing now.

I always recommend doing at least 1200questions and 70% that’s a really good range usually you’re in the 90th percentile, I will say even the 99 percentile in passing now, if you failed the NCLEX, before most students rush to take the NCLEX again

Instead, of like you know taking a step back taking a deep breath, and being like okay,

I failed this time, what can I do better the next time? So the gold numbers are what you have to keep in mind.

So write it down anything, north is higher than 1200questions at 70% that’s a good range many students don’t know this, and they end up just studying a bunch of questions or just randomly watching videos or you know utilizing a lot of resources that particularly are not even on the NCLEX.

– The Timeline

Generally taking 1200questions should take you anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks now. Some people have done it in 4 weeks, it really just depends on how much you study.

So I always recommend people to go in with the mindset that you know this is a long-term marathon type of game but, it’s only 6 to 8 weeks. Once you “pass the NCLEX” you’re done, you never have to “take the NCLEX” ever again.

The worst thing you do every 2years is just reapplying the bunch of CEUs that are really easy. So I always recommend this duration of time because it prevents burnout and it helps to spread your study method.

Especially if you guys have failed the NCLEX before so, if you want to write this down the plan, basically breaks down into an AM session and a PM session.

So you’re doing 4 to 5 days of a week of studying, and I’d recommend using a calendar just bust one out and write down every single day that you will commit to studying now, it should be about 4 to 5 hours a day.

I don’t recommend more than 7 hours a day in terms of studying, because again guys, it’s a marathon and your brains gonna get burnt out and you’re gonna get tired and fatigued and you’re not even gonna absorb anything.

So getting back to the a.m. versus p.m. session, if you have your calendar.

I recommend every single box that there’s a day just crossing it out diagonally putting a.m. and then p.m. session. So in the a.m. session, you’re taking at least 60questions per day and the reason I’m saying 60 is that usually, students will just take a hundred questions when they don’t even know how to break down a question, a lot of you know there’s a lot of other programs out there, that shows you how to make a decision based on a question but, a lot of students just rush it and be like, there’s no you know that’s just basically random there’s no method or rhyme or reason to it.

– Assessment Test

So basically a lot of question banks come like this they’ll have an assessment test with just a broad range of just mixed and matched questions.

I will just take 75 to maybe 150 questions once or twice and really see what you score the lowest in, if you already know that you have a Content problem, I always recommend starting with you know your top 3 content areas.

So, if you have a pen and paper or something to write with maybe you want to put it on your phone. I’d recommend putting down your top 3 content areas.

– Study Plan

Let’s kind of dive into more detail here the hardest part is getting started and keeping to a plan, so I kind of liken it, to like a diet plan or a weight-loss plan right you can have a personal trainer kind of write it out.

Oh Yeah!

You should do cardio you should lift weights you should eat this many calories but, actually doing it and committing to it, is the hardest part. So once again as I said before I’d recommend cutting your day up into two different sessions it kind of gives you a little bit of kind of mental clarity as well as kind of pacing yourself and the second thing.

Try to “pick a study zone don’t go somewhere where you’re really comfortable like your house or some we’re gonna get distracted that’s the hardest part if you can take at least the questions or maybe just the am session or maybe just the PM session, somewhere where your mind is more activated like even a coffee shop or even like a library or even just even like a friend’s house or somewhere else.

I’ve even known students that get like a hotel room for a week and you know no distractions they’re able to kind of just dive in nerd out and really just get started because the hardest part is getting into that routine.

So be very forgiving in the beginning, and once you get into that routine you’ll find your groove you’ll get to momentum, and then you know you stop building on that. So once you have your momentum you know start on your top 3 hardest topics like far MED Surg mental health, and I recommend again like, I touched on this taking 60 questions per day.

Remember the goal is to get about 12 hundred questions so, if you’re at 1,200 questions, or let’s say you’re at 900questions and your scores are in the 50s and you’re like,

Oh, man!

But my NCLEX is next week guys I recommend not taking the NCLEX. it’s okay to slow down take a breather, and change your date guys I’d much rather you have you know patch up the holes in your knowledge gaps, it’s kind of like jumping out of a plane right?

Patch up the holes and your parachute so, you don’t fall to your death who cares you have to like, you know push your test date out for a week or two as long as you pass and you’re done with the NCLEX that first time worst thing you can do is rush it and even though your numbers aren’t good and even though your numbers will say like, you know if you’re scoring anything less than 60% on your mean average it typically means you’re not going to pass the NCLEX. and I notice students do this all the time.

So just keep that in mind you have to get your numbers in so make sure you put it on a post-it and put it on a notecard 1200questions 70% are higher, if you get 60% or higher that’s okay. But again that’s like the bare ass minimum…

I hope the NCLEX tips and tricks, will also help you to pass the test, don’t forget your study plan, it is very important if you would pass the NCLEX Rn exam.