Most Profitable Niche To Make Money From Blogging Revealed


Most Profitable Niche To Make Money From Blogging Revealed!

I think I speak for every blogger out there when I say blogging has totally changed. The blogosphere is not the same as it was some years back. There have been updates in algorithms and we are all trying to live up to this updates.

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Blogging is now a situation of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Blogging is getting crowded and not many are ready for this. The best way to make money from blogging in 2020 is not by using Adsense.

When you calculate your cost of data, hosting and domain, you will see that the money Adsense pays you every month might not even be enough to make you a dependent living from blogging alone.

Everyone wants to earn up to $1000 monthly from blogging but it takes a special kind of strategy and planning to reach this level. I also want to earn as much as this and so do you.

I just like you, I have read a lot of courses, built backlinks in the past and implemented all the SEO tricks I have found on the internet yet nothing is showing from what I do.

However, I have given it a huge thought and I have implemented part of this strategy and it has been working for me over time. I would love to reveal this to you if you are interested.

This is one strategy that has been helping me make up to five-figures weekly from blogging. If you notice, I don’t update my blog regularly due to much work and time but when I have the time, I post for my readers. It’s not all about applying for Adsense and writing posts every day.

There are certain things you must have on your blog before you can say you want to attain this feat of five – figures weekly.

Yes, I know five-figures is really small but when you compare what others are earning with all their hard work, you will see that it is a big deal to some people. I will put you through some trick to earn at least five figures weekly from blogging without any ad network.

Please get your pen and paper because you might eventually need to use this piece some other time. Are we ready? Cool, now let’s begin.

How to make money from blogging in 2019 For beginners and Others

There are many ways to make money from blogging and every one of them have worked for someone one way or another but what do you do when your blog has not been making you money despite publishing Adsense ads, infolinks, propeller and even using Amazon/jumia affiliate program? You need to change your strategy.

Your earning stream should be totally different in 2020 and that is where branding comes in.

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In this post, we will be opening your eyes to the secret ways to make money from a blog in 2020. I have studied courses and watched videos. I have also made some observations and connected with bloggers and all I can say is that those that really make the money we dream of making are those that branded their blogs.

What makes Linda ikeji blog different from other gossip blogs we see today is simply branding. Linda Ikeji is already a brand. She is more than a gossip blog but also a company herself.

It is important to brand yourself but more important to be the face of your brand. This helps to build your trust and create more business opportunities for you as a brand.

Branding has become one of the most important things in online marketing in 2019. Blogging has also gone beyond the scope of just writing and publishing posts. You have to treat your blog as a business.

Several opportunities are waiting for you when you brand your blog. Don’t just start copying and pasting posts or writing good contents alone without inserting a bit of marketing strategy. This is the mistake most bloggers make nowadays.

I am going to be showing you how to make money from some of the top Profitable blogging niches in 2020. This includes;

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These are the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria and some parts of the world like USA, Canada and UK. These countries have high CPC on Adsense and can fetch you a lot of money when you have good keywords o post about.

  • Education:

As an education blogger, you can make an eBook on becoming the best student, passing TOEFL exam, JAMB, WAEC and many more. You can also go as far as having your own membership site. This membership site is what you use to reach out to your visitors. They pay to become members and gain access to some of the most priceless info relating to their education.

  • Tech:

Tech is one of the most profitable niches in the world. There are  a lot of earning streams when you run a tech blog. Also, tech keywords have high CPC and can profit those who rely on Adsense. As a tech blogger, you can have a tech store where you sell your own tech products or affiliate products. You can also offer your tech services like best Laptop repair services, etc.

  • Business:

This is an amazing niche but can be tiring to write about. However, monetization techniques are priceless and unlimited. You can offer your own brand consultation, sell eBooks, buy shares in other businesses, and so on.

  • Entertainment:

Some people believe the only way to make money from entertainment blogs is by adding various annoying ad codes everywhere on the site. No, you can also offer to sell tickets for shows and concerts, promote upcoming artistes, and sell iTunes songs on your blog.

  • Lifestyle:

Lifestyle is a comprehensive niche, and many people are misusing. Affiliate marketing works well with this niche and selling your products and services also.

  • Health:

A lot of people are in this niche and may be competitive for any newbie. A lot of people make it through Adsense and selling weight loss tips on this niche.

These are some of the best ways to make money from blogging in 2020. You can try any niche you want and see how far it goes.