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Things You Needs To Know To Start A Successful Makeup Business In Nigeria

What You Need To Start A Successful Makeup Business In Nigeria,cosmetics industry in nigeria,how to start a skincare business in nigeria

So you have noticed the alarming rate of unemployment and you have to decide to start makeup studio business in Nigeria.

This is Nigeria, where your certificate is just proof that you’re educated. In this country, not everyone can become an entrepreneur and not everyone can also have white-collar jobs.

Many youths have started finding a means to keep their pockets full all the time. It is not an easy task and some have gone into the “yahoo yahoo” business while others are doing some legal business.

Cost of Setting up a makeup Studio in Nigeria 

So I’ve been inspired to write this post for those ladies or interested guys that want to start one of the fastest growing businesses in the country today; make-up.

Now, let me take you into the main things we’ll be learning in this post:

  • How lucrative is the makeup business in Nigeria?
  • Requirements to start a makeup business in Nigeria
  • How to promote your business in Nigeria
  • How lucrative is makeup business in Nigeria?
  • Makeup business is not as easy as it sounds but it is definitely not rocket science.
  • Personally, I like to believe that all businesses are lucrative. But just how lucrative is makeup business?

Do you know how much those rich folks pay for makeup when they want to get married? A lot! A makeup artist May earn up to 200k per person. The business is very lucrative and not very stressful but like all other businesses, one must work hard.

Makeup business can also skyrocket to a whole new level. If you are very good at special effects makeup, you are likely to be working for Nollywood or Hollywood in the next few gears if you do the right thing by marketing yourself well.

Equipment Needed For Makeup Studio in Nigeria

The equipment needed to start a makeup business is not that much. With little capital and the right tools, you are good to go. Don’t forget you must also have the appropriate tone makeup for every client you are about to make over.

Using the wrong tone might make them end up looking more or less like masquerades and that will be a bad portfolio for you.

Below is the equipment to start a makeup Studio in Nigeria:

1. Knowledge/skill:

This is very important for any business you ever want to start. If you don’t have the right knowledge or the right skills for the job, you might just end up failing before you even start.

Sound knowledge about your business is as important as you can ever imagine. Luckily, there are many places where people can acquire these makeup skills all around Lagos.

Contact one of them and enroll in a class. However, if you are already an expert but want to start a business out of it, then you may ignore the first requirement and follow the rest.

2. Makeup kit:

This is very obvious. The makeup kit is where all your makeup tools are kept. It is usually a small box or bag that contains different brushes, eyeliners, foundation, lipstick, and many others.

Without your makeup kit, you are yet to even start the business. A makeup artist without her kit is just like a farmer without his farm (not his home), his farm. Your kit is what you will use and it is very important it is kept well.

Most of those makeup kits are chemicals that can be harmful or easily spoilt if any unwanted thing happens to them.

3. A good camera:

It doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, techno canon CX or a real canon camera, once you can take neat photos to use it.

The purpose of this is to snap your previous works and put them on display for clients to rush you. On Instagram, there are many slay mamas looking for good makeup artists.

If you are lucky and your picture gets seen and liked, there’s a possibility you’re going to earn a lot from that person.

Let’s talk about the third subheading of the post which is clearly the most important.

How to promote your Business In Nigeria

  • Social media
  • Adverts
  • Fashion blogging

1. Social media:

Of course, this is the cheapest and easiest way to promote any business. Social media is populated with people of different cultures and likes.

You can find people related to your niche, join groups and create a page in the name of your business. This can help your business in the long run and also take it abroad.

2. Adverts:

Facebook ads are still the cheapest advert you can pay for. If you have a Facebook page, you can add photos of makeups you did previously and boost them to reach many thousands of people.

A Facebook advert could cost as low as N200, and you can also get more Instagram to reach too.

3. Fashion blogging:

Fashion blogging is also a very creative and efficient way to boost your business. A fashion blog can talk about only makeup or clothes.

If you can write and entice people with your posts, then a fashion blog will be useful for you.

So there you have it, that’s just the simple way to start makeup business in Nigeria.