Simple Ways On How to Cut Six Pieces Skirt

Easy way to cut six pieces skirt for beginners, with the below steps, it can also be applied to 6 pieces skirt and 4 pieces skirt.

Firstly, make your cutting and sewing tools available. What you will need to cut a six pieces skirt is stated below:

  • Pencil or Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Minimum 3-4 yards of Fabric
  • A pair of Scissors
Easy way to cut six pieces skirt for beginners
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How to Cut Six Pieces Skirt

1: Take the measurement

Measure the areas for six pieces skirt are :

  • Hip
  • Waist
  • The length of the waist down to the knee (Half-length)
  • The length of the waist to the Ankle (Full length)

To cut six pieces skirt, you should be able to create a circular lower zone in the skirt and forming folds. The folds in the skirt are the main reason why you will need a lot of fabric.

To get this “six pieces skirt” tutorial, we will need this:

==> 44 inches for the Hip
==> 37 inches for the Waist
==> The length of the waist down to the knee(Half-length) is 18 inches
==> The length of the waist to the Ankle(Full length) is 43 inches
So, the Total Yard (or Circumference) is 4 yards, then multiply 4 yards by 36 and get 144 inches. We all know 1 yard makes 36 inches, and then 4 yards.s = 4 × 36 =144 inches

Six-piece skirts you will get seven(7) series of pieces reason being the middle back will be cut into two for the zip.

In a six-piece skirt in which you will get a zip at the center back, the cuttings will be seven, not six to give space for the zip at the center back and at the end, is gonna be called a six-piece skirt.

So, in a six-piece skirt, you’re expected to have the zip at the side and have six cuts without any extras.

2: Examine and Calculate the division of all piece

So, for cutting six pieces skirt in your shop, you need to divide the fabric of the skirt into six pieces. You can as well use it to cut a 4pieces skirt and other pieces of skirt; so, in the six pieces skirt, we will need to divide it by six while in 4 pieces skirt, we will need to just divide it by 4.

It’s simple though, so let’s move on. First, pay attention to the circular values, that is the circumference, waist, and hip. So, we shall look into the length measurement later.

==> Divide the total yard which is large 144 circles by 6 and get 24 (144÷6= 24)
==> Having done that, divide the waist 37 by 6 and get 6.1 (37÷6 =6.1)
==> Also, split the hips 44 by 6 and get 7.3 (44÷6 = 7.3)

Doing all the division means, for every one of our six panels we will have a circumference of 24 inches, a waist measurement of 6.1 inches, and also a Hip measurement of 7.3 inches. Next, Note: Our seam allowance will also be added.


3: So, Add up your seam allowance to your waist and hip measurement

Add a seam allowance of 1.5 inches to our waist measurement of 6.1 to get 7.6 inches (6.1 + 1.5 = 7.6)
Then, Add a seam allowance of 1.5 inches to our hip measurement of 7.3 to get 8.8 inches (7.3+1.5= 8.8 inches)

Take note: There is a rule to look into here. The biggest part of the measurement is the most crucial part of all, Simply because out. of the biggest measurement you can get the smaller ones.

So, the biggest part is the 24 (from our circumference division above), from each panel of 24, we will get the waist measurement of 7.6 as well as the hip measurement of 8.8.

Step 4: Use your pencil or Chalk to Mark out all panels for cutting

I hope you don’t forget that we would be cutting out our skirt into six panels. The method we would be applying to cut, will have two.

Block, the front block, which would be the front part of the skirt, and then the back block which will be the back part of the skirt. Understood?

For the front block, we will get three panels out of the six panels, and for the back block, we have the other three panels but the middle panel at the back will be divided into two for which would be for the zip.

I’ll take you through how to mark out the part of one panel which will then be repeated for each of the six panels.

==〉 Cut out your first panel from the cloth using the circumference division above by six which is 24 inches by our full length (45 inches).

==〉 On that panel, locate where the waist is, hip, and half-length would be and mark it. From our division and seam allowance, our waist is 7.6, hip is 8.8 (approximately 9), and half-length is 18.

==〉 On the half-length line (at 18 inches from the top of the cloth), locate the center and also make sure you are at the center.

So, out of the 24 for the circumference, I’ll be marking out 9 inches at the center of the 24 (circumference), which is 4.5 inches each on both sides.

==> This process will be done at the knee.
==> Next, link knee and waist together.
==> Next, we link the knee to the base of the circumference. (9 inches from the center knee to the 24 in at the base).

Remember, the sixth panel which stands for the zip like I said early is cut into two so u must add at least 1-inch seam on both sides for joining the zip back. That’s all. The Next thing will be sewing.

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