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Best Companies With Benefits To Work For in NYC

best companies to work for in nyc

As each day keeps rolling over, the rate of migration to New York City keeps increasing. There are a lot of reasons why people are eager to reside in New York City NYC and one of those reasons is the need to seek and secure job opportunities. Most of the foreigners coming over, do so with the intent of looking for the best companies to work for in NYC.

One of the enticing desires to work in NYC is usually motivated by the pay that is attached to it, the work conditions, minimum wage (salary and wage), and working conditions and environmental status.

Most of these conditions have made New York a favorable abode for migrants. New York is known for its consistent increase in its minimum wage with the projection that wages in New York will reach $15 per hour on Dec 31st, 2020. Although the cost of living in New York is on the high side, most times, a good job covers the expenses.

Certain jobs are in high demand in New York. Understanding this will help you know which qualifications and skills you should aim for and which company is in high demand for workers.

Top 7 High-Demand Jobs in New York City NYC

  • Writer (content creators, article and research papers writers)
  • Web designers and developers
  • IT specialists
  • Health workers
  • Statistician
  • Gaming Cashier
  • Home Health aid

Nevertheless, some companies in NYC are referred to as the best in terms of global standards. The essence of curating and gathering a list of these companies is to reduce the stress of hunting and contemplating which job in NYC is the best and which will fit your qualifications and needs.

 Top 10 Best Companies with Benefits to work in NYC

There are various best companies to work for in NYC, below are the best place to work in

1. Giant machines
2. Digital Ocean Inc.
3. Eden Health
4. Haven life
5. Admarketplace
6. Peloton

Giant machines

Employment capacity: 35

Founded: 2015

The giant machine is an agency structured for the design, coding, integration, and launching of digital products, which include; web and mobile apps. Websites, and software.

They intend to create a platform that helps clients achieve their individual long-term goals.

Giant machines began its service with financial management and Fintech, before spreading through to engineering and technology, business and product innovation, UI/UX, and branding while offering their services for travel, hospitality, e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceutical needs.

Digital Ocean Inc.

Employment capacity: 150

Founded: 2012

Digital Ocean is a Digitech service provider that is built and geared on providing maximum digital services to developers and clients alike. These services include; Database management, storage systems and networking, web hosting, video streaming hosting, games, and app development, cloud-based services(VPN, startups, hosting), and SaaS dev.

This company has its services categorized into internet and cloud computing which is now narrowed into three major components; Core infrastructure, data warehouse, and CDN and load balancing. Intending job seekers are meant to apply for jobs in these lanes.

Eden Health

Employment Capacity: 78

Founded: 2016 

Eden health serves as a health insurance and healthcare organization, built to affirm and ensure the healthy living of employees in different companies.

Eden health works to provide primary healthcare services, and mental attention, to reinforce the standard of living of individuals and patients.

Eden health has openings for intending job applicants to grant people the opportunity to serve, define, and care in the global health system. Eden health partners with organizations by working with the organization’s insurance scheme, and also allowing the staff or patients to access healthcare aids.

Haven life

Employment Capacity:

Founded: 2015

Haven Life is an organization that deals with offering its clients insurance schemes with an easy framework. Services provided by Haven life include; term life insurance, and annuities.

Haven life does not only help its clients by protecting against the amount of damage the death of a family may be, the provided financial support for the family of the deceased, as well as protecting you and your family from living beyond the retirement savings. The beauty of Haven life is that its services are cheap, rigid, and affordable. 


Employment Capacity: 86

Founded: 2000

Admarketplace has been the best information, research search, and advertising enterprise. Most times, admarketplace is taken to be a search engine, taking up the role of search and displaying required results and contents with the essence of digitally marketing a product. Admarketplace works in partnership with a lot of digital advertisers and agencies that help in promoting related search results to the satisfaction of a user’s query.

Admarketplace works to provide clients with services for search-integrated needs for mobile apps, browsers, software, and application. Admarketplace presents available content in a way that makes them attractive and engaging on a privacy-friendly platform. 

Digital marketing is now the new trend of advertising as most individuals spend more time online than offline. This makes digital marketing one of the most rushed after-job needs.

There are job opportunities at admarketplace for IT specialists and web designers and developers. 


Employment Rate: 1200

Founded: 2012   

Peloton is an exercise and fitness company that was launched with the intent to keep its subscribers fit, in shape, agile, healthy, and active. Peloton makes use of the latest machines and utilities, innovations, and methods, which include but are not restricted to the use of treadmills for active participation between subscribers.

Peloton incorporates the use of technology in its exercise schemes. This includes the use of a touchscreen device that helps view their class intervals, live streaming devices, and the provision of bike shoes. Virtual classes are also added to the peloton schedule to assist its subscribers to obtain maximum learning even without visiting the gym. These tasks add more responsibilities to the staff and workers, making a necessity to employ more hands to the task. 

A good company is not only measured by its productivity and relative ranking in the competitive market but its ability to maintain the trust of its workers, build communication, embrace transparency, and make work flexible for the staff, as well as create an avenue where the opinion of the staff is offered and valued.