How I Setup/Enable Google Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

How I Setup/Enable Google Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

Upon all the phishing and hacking, you might wanna consider enabling 2factor authentication on Twitter, Facebook and all other apps

Two-factor authentication is an extra security way to secure your Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts.

In this article, i will be walking you through how to enable and setup Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter via google authenticator

How To Setup Google Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

How To Setup Google Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

1. Go to settings and click on “account”

2. Next click on “Security”

3. Next click on “two-factor authentication

(Note that you must have downloaded and set up google authenticator prior to this)

4. Click on the authentication app, and you’ll be redirected to the app

5. Copy and paste the code given and you’re good to go.

Note; Another password will be given to you, copy and past on Gmail or pin it somewhere, this is in case no other means of logging in is available

Enabling this option is super important because if Twitter logs you out, you won’t be able to receive code from your service provider, hence your account vanishing.

Twitter Verification Code Not Received

If you didn’t receive the Twitter 2fa codes, kindly retry or restart your phone.

Enable Text Message Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

Enable Text Message Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter

1. Kindly go to settings and click on “account”

2. Next click on “Security”


3. Next click on “two-factor authentication”

4 Then, click on the “Text Message”, you’ll be redirected to the app

5. You will be requested to enter your Twitter account password.

6. Having done that, enter your phone number in the provided section and tap Next.

7. You’ll receive a confirmation code on the mobile number you provided. Enter it and click Next.

Two-factor authentication Facebook is coming to you soon.

Having followed all the procedures above.

You can now rest assured your Twitter account is safe from hacking coz, if anyone tries to log in to your Twitter without your consent, Two-factor authentication will request codes before they can proceed.

40404 Twitter Text not Working

If you keep encountering issues in requesting and also receiving Twitter verification codes on your phone. After you’ve restarted your phone multiple times, try this. You might have blocked SMS messages from 40404 in the past so, unblock it and try requesting another verification code you’ll receive it instantly.

How to use Twitter Account Professionally

Twitter a is social media platform owned by Elon Musk the Starlink man. Twitter has really been one of the best social media after Linkedin but, it all depends on how it is been used or operated.

To use Twitter professionally requires some techniques and strategies, check below;

Optimize your Twitter profile: Your Twitter profile requires a good USERNAME, IMAGE, and Short words about yourself, your Business, and Keywords related to your business. Coz it reflects your professionalism and expertise. Make sure your profile and Header pictures are professional and attractive enough for people to follow you.

– Follow Relevant Twitter Accounts: Follow people who are related to your industry or profession, meaning Follow-up with leaders, influencers, and companies that you’ll want to be like. It’ll assist you to stay up to date on news trends, and discussions in your field.

– Making Use of Twitter Hashtags: Hashtags actually do a great job by increasing the visibility of your tweets, and conversation and also connecting you with some professionals in your profession. Ensure you start making use of relevant hashtags in your tweets(Note: too many Hashtag reduces your tweet visibility and also violate the rules). Moreso, think of a creative branded hashtag for your business or personal brand, that helps too.


– Compose Relevant Contents: Followers want to read relevant content you shared so, ensure you’re sharing creative and relevant content that relates to your industry or personal brand, Content includes news articles, blog posts, and research studies.

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