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Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

This post was most recently updated on April 27th, 2018

Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria


Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

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The fact that, We all want to make money. The real thing here is that not everyone can make money. Taking a look at the lucrative business ideas in nigeria that can fetch huge money, you’ll get what i mean so; not everyone can make money be it offline or online.

What i am about to dish out is not a just ordinary business, but the hot business ideas in nigeria that can save your life from going broke. For you to build up standard business, it takes a lot of energy and being focused.

In every business, you need to take a bold step for you to succeed.

There are some things you needed to know about this lucrative business ideas in nigeria or let me call it top money-making businesses, there is competition in this top business, actually because of that’s where huge money is.

To avoid unnecessary mistakes in this business, you’ve got to make some business plans. You can start the wrong business in the right location or right business in the wrong area. I hope you dig?

We’ve looked into account some of the best money-making businesses here in Nigeria. When you get your hands on one with over time, you will be the next millionaire. To avoid doubt, these list of business ideas am ready to dish out are not well arranged in a particular order, bear with me, please!

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Top Money-Making Businesses In Nigeria


1. Oil and gas

Oil and gas: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

The number one business topping out the list is oil and gas, we all know how lucrative it is in Nigeria as well as some countries that are blessed with the resource. As of today, Nigeria is one of the largest exporters of oil in the world, because we produce a huge quantity of crude oil.


2. Sell construction materials

Sell construction materials: Oil and gas: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Selling of building materials is a nice business because construction still keeps on going people, nations would keep on constructing, either road, companies, industries and other things about buildings. So, the business very lucrative. No matter what they want to build the engineers or building contractors and overseers of these constructions depend on local dealers for materials that would be used. SO, you can invest in the selling of construction materials.

3. Real estate

Real estate: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria


Trust me, Everyone is now going into this top money-making business mostly here in Nigeria and other parts of Europe countries. Currently, the rate at which people sells and buy properties in Nigeria is incredible. People now love to purchase properties other than renting them. You can make huge money in this business if you could find your way to the business.


4. Hotel business

Hotel business: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Hotel business gives you the opportunity to make huge cash. In this business there is also competition but, people still keep on building hotels. Don’t say you cant make in the business, This is not a shock, but want you to know that setting up such business needs proper and good management before you can start making money. It is a goldmine so, you’ve got to work on that.

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5. E-commerce

E-commerce: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

As a matter of fact, E-commerce business is a tremendous money-making business you can lay hands on, and it’s really hitting in Nigeria though. Such business is quite easy to handle at the moment. It’s really a great thing, when you have more customers than you will ever imagine. Using the internet connection, you’ve got a lot of access to billions of customers and also the tips to convert the customers to buy. You can work with an established business or start a new business here.

6. Rice farming

Rice farming:Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

One of the lucrative business to start with is also rice farming, we all know how Nigerian consume rice on a daily basis. Moreso, agriculture is also one of our aspect economies. This is an aspect that comes with rice farming, which makes it one of the top making-money business in Nigeria. Rice farming is both capital and labor intensive. Currently, their many companies that ready to partner with rice farmer. Because its something one can invest on.

7. Snail rearing

Snail rearing:Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

We are know how proteinous snail is, rearing of snail is very easy and costly to acquire. Meaning, you can also start your snail rearing at your backyard with mall capital and make much money from its sales. Snail rearing doesn’t require you to get a big land or need any special food. They’ve got the cheapest maintenance. So, if you’re interested in rearing snail, read or google search “how to start a snail farm in Nigeria.”

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8. Poultry farming

Poultry farming:Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Oh my God! This is one of the popular and top money making business in Nigeria. If you start with good and healthy birds, trust me, you gonna make a lot of money in a short while.

9.Tokunbo trade(second-hand items)

Tokunbo trade(second-hand items): Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Investing in importing second-hand items is also lucrative, if you know how to go around with it, these days, Nigerians prefer to buy second-hand items, due to the harsh economic conditions. You can also look into it, buy making deep research on google, or CONTACT US.


10. Investing in the transport sector

Investing in the transport sector: Top 10 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

We are know how lucrative this business is, as of today or in this century we make use of a vehicle for transportation, not a camel or donkey again, as of writing this post, the business is now saturated. But, if you can bring in a new technique or innovations, you will surely make a lot of money it. Beleive me, Nigeria will keep expanding, and transport vehicle will be needed.

We would like to hear from you, what business are you doing currently that doesn’t pertain to the lists above? So, we all can benefit from it.

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