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How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada – Canada Express Entry Application

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada - Canada Express Entry Application

Becoming a permanent resident of Canada can be easy for some people and kinda stressed for some individuals as well. Canada is mostly everyone’s dream from quality healthcare to a thriving job market and also a diverse cultural experience.

I will talk more about the process of acquiring permanent residency in Canada in 2024, and also explore their various essential requirements.

Below are the 3 main forms of direct permanent Canadian residency immigration schemes. Which are;

– Economic Class

– Family Class

– Business Class

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As we all know Canada is known for its inclusive society and robust economy, which attracts a lot of people globally who want a better life. Whether you are looking to reunite with family over there, pursue your higher education, or even explore career opportunities, obtaining permanent residency is the key to unlocking these possibilities.

Understanding Canadian Permanent Residency

Canadian permanent residency is a status granted to any foreign nationals, which allows them to live and even work anywhere in the country permanently.

Unlike temporary visas, permanent residency offers a more stable and long-term solution for individuals looking to make Canada their home.

Eligibility for Canadian Permanent Residency

It’s important to understand the eligibility and requirement criteria set by the Canadian government, to get a Permanent Residency.

Anyone who applies must demonstrate good health, financial stability, and even a clean criminal record. But, some specific programs may have additional requirements, like work experience or language proficiency.

Express Entry System

The Express Entry system is a popular and even an efficient way to obtain Canadian permanent residency. It is a points-based system that evaluates candidates based on factors like age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.

Aspiring immigrants create an online profile and are ranked against other candidates. So those that have the highest scores will surely receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in canada via Express Entry: Canada Express Entry Application

Only people who have received an invitation to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry are eligible.

Once you receive your invitation to apply, please note that your Express Entry invitation remains valid for 60 days only. So, it is important to start the online form promptly to have the time to gather all necessary data and documents before the expiration of your invitation.

Follow these steps to complete the online form:

  • Create an account on the canada government’s official website and log in.
  • Access the link to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry.
  • When completing the form, ensure the inclusion of all essential supporting evidence.
  • Make sure you provided accurate responses to all questions.
  • It is crucial to fill in all the mandatory fields, as an incomplete form cannot be submitted.
  • Save your progress on the form to return and make any necessary adjustments as needed.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish and want to immigrate and settle in a particular province. Each province has its PNP with special requirement criteria and streams.

Applicants selected through a PNP receive additional points in the Express Entry system, increasing their chances of receiving an invitation.

Family Sponsorship

For those with close family members in Canada, family sponsorship is an option worth exploring. Being a Canadian citizen and holding a permanent resident permit, you sponsor your spouses, dependent children, parents, or even your grandparents. The sponsorship process involves demonstrating or let me say showing the ability to support the sponsored family member financially.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is for people with Canadian working experience. To qualify, candidates must have gained skilled work experience in Canada within the last three years. This program recognizes the value of individuals who have adapted to the Canadian work environment and even have contributed to the economy.

Language Proficiency

Language proficiency plays a crucial role in the permanent residency application process. Applicants must take language tests, such as the IELTS or CELPIP, to prove their proficiency in English or French. Higher language scores contribute to a higher overall Express Entry score.

Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA)

To ensure that foreign educational credentials are equivalent to Canadian standards, applicants must undergo an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA). This step is particularly important for individuals who completed their education outside of Canada and also wish to use their qualifications in the immigration process.

Job Offer and Points System

While not mandatory, having a valid job offer from a Canadian employer can significantly boost an applicant’s chances of receiving an invitation. The job offer adds points to the overall Express Entry score, making the candidate more competitive. The points system considers various factors and a strategic approach can maximize an applicant’s score.

Biometrics and Medical Examination

As part of the application process, biometrics and a medical examination are mandatory.

Biometrics involves fingerprinting and also a digital photo, while the medical examination ensures that applicants are in good health. Both requirements contribute to the overall assessment of an applicant’s eligibility for Canada permanent residency.

Waiting Period and Processing Time

After applying, there is a waiting period for the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process it. The processing time varies sometimes, based on several factors, including the program applied for and the completeness of the application. You’ve got to be patient during this stage, as delays can occur.

Challenges and Common Mistakes

Finding your way around the immigration process can be very challenging, and sometimes applicants often encounter hurdles during the process. The most common challenges applicants might be having include understanding program requirements, obtaining necessary documents, and even staying updated on policy changes.

So, please avoid common mistakes, like providing incomplete information or neglecting to submit required documents.

The Fees That are Associated With Your Canadian Resident Application

Fees for your application: $1,365

Include your partner: $1,365

A dependent child costs $230.

These fees were increased last year on April 30, 2022.

Post-Approval Responsibilities

Upon receiving permanent residency, individuals have certain responsibilities, including filing taxes, renewing their PR card, and adhering to residency requirements.

Understanding these post-approval responsibilities is important for a smooth transition to life as a permanent resident in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long Would it take me to get permanent residency in Canada?

The processing time varies but can range from several months to over a year, depending on the program and individual circumstances.

Is having a job offer necessary for permanent residency?

While not mandatory, a job offer can significantly enhance an applicant’s chances by adding valuable points to their Express Entry score.

What is the role of the Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA) in the application process?

The ECA ensures that foreign educational credentials are equivalent to Canadian standards, providing a fair assessment of qualifications.

Can I sponsor a friend for permanent residency in Canada?

No, the family sponsorship program is limited to close family members, including spouses, dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

Are there language proficiency requirements for permanent residency?

Yes, applicants must prove their proficiency in either English or French through designated language tests like IELTS or CELPIP.