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US Unveils 16 Richest Politicians From Nigeria And Names Of US Banks They Operates

US Unveils 16 Richest Politicians From Nigeria And Names Of US Banks They Starch Away Public FundsHere are the list of the  Richest Politicians in nigeria that operates US banks.
NAME*******BANK ***************AMOUNT
1. Okorocha JP Morgan chase/ New York. $1.4 billion
2. Kwankwaso. American express/New York $1.15 billion
3. Shettima. Wells Fargo/ San Francisco. $1.1 billion4. Nyako. Citi group/ New York city. $805 million
5. Ibrahim. Citi group/ New York city. $798 million
7. Amaechi. US Bancorp/ Minnesota. $757 million
8. Abdulaziz. Ally financial/ Detroit. $626 million
9. Oshiomole BB&T/ North Carolina. $625 million
10. Aregbesola. Citi group/ new York. $513 million
11. Al-makura. State street corporation & $510 million
12. Wamakko. Wells Fargo/ San Francisco. $476 million
13. Fashola. Citi group/ New York $448 million
14. Amosun Bank of America. $442 million
15. Ahmed. US Bancorp. $437 million
16. Ajimobi. Ally financial. $422 million
Obasanjo, Tinubu, Atiku, Sylvia, IBB, Jega, Maina, Oransanye, Lamido, Talba, Alamesiya, Adamu Muazu are in the next batch coming up shortly.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/

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    • God shall give all of them that looted public funds in Nigeria an undisclosed and incurable ailments in Jesus Name. Amen.

      • amen on your father, jealousy go kill you. They suffered to get the money, coz they had to go to school and get the brains to loot the money. Why don’t you go to school and get to a position where by you can also loot money, not curse people, how would you feel if some one did that to you

  1. may God help us and see us through from this greedy leaders and provide us servant leaders Amin.

  2. Nura yahaya kaura

    Hmmm! Our nigerian leaders! We thank GOD for this

  3. Adesokan toheeb

    Ha nawa 4 APC government O, most especially Ajimobi who own his workers 7 month salary and use our money to import refinary to USA may God allmighty punish him, we are waiting for Buhari jughment and his action on this issue. But don’t 4get Obasanjo and his daugter same as Tinubu olowo APC and Oyinlola. OLAK TBOY

  4. tramp. the ones believing this toilet trash is more daft than the publisher who is mentally deranged

  5. but is it true,why is adams accusing former finance minister wen he is a sinister to the country in such way,why is it dat no nigerian dailies has published it

  6. People go to school to be enlightened but yet my naija folks are educated fools, how in the hell do you think american govt will just select only the APC candidate only and leave the main thiefs of the nation.
    Wake up from sleep mungus

  7. where are our so called corruption fighters( the EFCC), or because they are all members of the ruling party?.

  8. The scary thing about most African Billionaires is that their is always something shady about how they acquired their wealth…it is mostly a web of dirty politics,abuse of office and illegal dealings.Wish we would have more of legit Billionaires with business built from scratch to act as role models to Africa’s youth who now think that the only way to be rich is to be involved in shadowy dealings.

  9. God bless Nigeria

  10. Before we start raining curses, abused or whatever on them or ourselves, I think we should judge from an authentic source. Let the publisher post the source here, I mean an intricate information like this from the US…. should carry at least a letter headed memo.
    We Nigerians are not educated enough on how to interpret news. Someone will just post anything and the next… we start following shadows.
    If the US wants to really unveil “thieves” from Nigeria, they should start from military regime down to where we are.
    I am not APC nor PDP supporter in any way cos there is nothing to benefit from them.
    No good roads, electricity supply is draining down, Fuel price skyrockets quarterly, so also other goods in the market, unemployment is increasing etc.
    It is obvious that our politicians loot public funds, but let it not be one sided. All involved must be penned down. And you know what? Set free. Hahahaha. Cos in Nigeria, thieves are free.

  11. Only God Almighty have the final say

  12. Jude Emma David

    usman tukur tanko this goes to you, you are very stupid and you are not a patriotic Nigerian, you are supporting criminals and heartless looters because they are in the same political party you belongs. Do you think those mentioned criminals are most intelligent or educated Nigerians? They only opportune to be there. Shame to you APC Government, we though you people said you are for change while you people came to spoil Nigeria. God will punish you all of you and your generation those public monies you people looted will turn heavy curse to you and your generations. Let us watch and see what EFCC will do on this issue at stake. We have received latest news about more APC members that deposited money in USA banks.

  13. Let me respond to somebody like slyman and co. you continue to wait until you are posted to your email by Trump, that our politicians have killed us emotionally. A sensible fellow in the zoo called Nigeria, though we are being overshadowed by animals in human skin, but I know we can still pick one it two people who reason from their upstairs. Slyman and co, without being told, you cannot articulate, the fact that the money and monies recovered from looters by this murderous regime led by Muhammad buhari, was not implemented into any project in Nigeria, where were those funds, 2016 budget was at the tune 1.6 trillion and not up to 600bn was released amid remunerations and revenues, as toy can see, no roads, Nigeria highways are bush paths to compare the roads a where they go and dump our money, no stable power suppl, buy we pay exorbitant amount of money that’s not in proportion to the usage, where are all those money, in american banks, governors even had the courage to owe their state civil servants months of salary, but otherwise dump billions of dollars in US accounts, May God Almighty visit them with ailment that those amount shall never be sufficient to take care of as Buhari is facing his own.

  14. What’s the assurance of this list is it truly from US then can’t we find it in Nigeria Newspaper. We need to Be sure first but all D same they are all thieves

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