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Train Kills Middle-Aged Woman In Lagos Yesterday

An unidentified middle-aged woman was killed yesterday by an Ido, Lagos-bound train.

The accident occurred on the rail line at Cappa bus stop on Agege Motor around by 12.30pm. Sympathisers gathered around the victim, watching as she breathed her last.Eyewitnesses told The Nation that the woman seemed to have been lost in thought as she stood on the railway track while the train approached.

A passenger hanging on the train was said to have shouted at her to get off the rail track.

An eyewitness, who simply gave her name as Iyabo said: “I was here (side of the track) and the woman crossed onto the rail track. She just stood there lost in thought and somebody from the train stoned her, we all shouted at her to get out but she did not until she was hit.”

Another witness said the train did not horn until it got close to the victim.

Some said the victim might have been on a suicide mission.

“There is no way a train will come on the tracks and you will not know by the vibrations on the rail. They stoned and shouted at her but she refused to leave, what do you call that if not suicide?” A man said.

Emergency and rescue services operators are being blamed for failure to respond to calls when the accident occurred.

When The Nation arrived on the scene shortly after the accident, her body was still on the track with blood oozing out of her nose.

“We have called Lagos emergency numbers several times and they promised to come, yet refused to show up; nobody was ready to help,” a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority ( LASTMA) official said.

Another LASTMA official accused the traffic police of neglecting the victim.

“Immediately it happened, I told the policemen to let us move the woman, but they refused, maybe we would have saved her life,” he said.

Source: The nation News

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