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Top 10 Things Why Your Church Matters

Top 10 Things Why Your Church Matters

Top 10 Things Why Your Church Matters

Change your church if..

* Your church doesn’t care about you.
* Your church doesn’t grow you spiritually.
* Your church doesn’t improve you financially.
* Your church keep doing the same thing year to year.
* Your church is after collecting different types of offerings and donations.
* Your church hire people to talk about money during contribution.
* The church turn their back on you when you’re in need.
* There’s no transparency.
* There’s VIP section in the church.
* Your church have different types of blessings for different kinds of giving.

There are many churches today that will never hear your cry when you’re in need. They will ask you if you have done this and that, belong to this, belong to that. They are just after what they will get from you not what they can offer you.
Let’s not forget those who will cause you more pains when you’re in sorrow.

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There are churches where everything they do is man made doctrine. Things of God have no specific law or doctrine. Pray for the grace to know what to do at the right time.

If nothing concerning how to improve your life including financial advise or tips, guy your church is a parasite to you. If they genuinely care about you, then they should know that your financial matters. You cannot fully praise God with an empty stomach.

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