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Shell Scholarship Program: Empowering Nigerian Students

Shell Scholarship Program: Empowering Nigerian Students

The Shell Scholarship Program has been a beacon of hope and a significant support system for Nigerian students since the 1950s. This robust initiative is primarily aimed at assisting students from the host community, helping many future Nigerian business, political, and social leaders to attain higher education.

What is the Shell Scholarship?

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) operates one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Nigeria. Dating back to the 1950s, this program supports a vast number of students, particularly from Nigeria. With an annual investment of over $300 million, it is the largest scholarship program in the country.

Overview of the Scholarship Program

The Shell Scholarship Program offers bursaries to secondary school students to attend some of the best schools in Nigeria. Initially, the program supported only secondary school students, but it has now expanded to cover tertiary students who meet the eligibility criteria. The bursary awards are based on various factors such as academic performance and exceptional abilities.

Why Do You Need a Scholarship?

Most Nigerian universities require three forms of identification before admission: the application form, the national clearance form, and the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Form. The JAMB form determines eligibility for tertiary education. The Shell Scholarship Program has been in operation since the 1950s, supporting Nigerian students, especially those from the host community, enabling many future leaders to attend university.

How to Apply for the Shell Scholarship

To apply for the Shell Scholarship, candidates must meet specific criteria, including a minimum of 30 (but not more than 35) A/AS level credits. For those with an International Baccalaureate or equivalent (previously GCE A-Level), similar grades are required. Additionally, candidates must have at least two flexible GCSE grade C/D grades by the end of their first year of study at a university or higher education institution.

Students are generally expected to be sponsored by a Shell employee. While a full scholarship is not usually granted, a limited number of scholarships are available based on outstanding academic results or demonstrated financial need.

What are the Requirements of the Scholarship?

  • The essay must be 100 words or less and can be submitted either by post or online.
  • The student must have a minimum entry-level examination score of 120 or above on the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE).
  • The student must have a grade point average (GPA) of 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 4.
  • The student must provide a recommendation from their school head or staff.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be Nigerian citizens or dual citizens.
  • Be bursary awardees at the Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship or National Merit Scholarship Awardees.
  • Be enrolled full-time in a tertiary institution for the 2023/2024 academic session.


The Shell scholarships exemplify how corporations can extend their commitment to talent development in Nigeria. These scholarships enable young individuals to acquire skills and knowledge that prepare them for the future, providing an opportunity to develop in a stimulating and varied learning environment. Available to all levels of study and nationalities, the four main scholarship programs include General, Expert and Technical/Management, Graduate/Post Graduate, and Medical Scholarship Programs. Leaders in the oil and gas industry use their positions to foster the future leadership of the industry.

Benefits of the Shell Scholarship

The Shell Scholarship Program offers numerous benefits to its recipients, including:

  • Financial Assistance: The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and provides a monthly stipend to help students focus on their studies without financial burdens.
  • Access to Quality Education: Recipients can attend top-tier educational institutions in Nigeria, ensuring they receive a high-quality education.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholarship recipients become part of an elite network of Shell alumni, providing opportunities for mentorship, internships, and future employment.
  • Personal Development: The program includes various workshops and training sessions aimed at developing students’ soft skills, leadership abilities, and professional competencies.

Challenges Faced by Applicants

Applying for the Shell Scholarship can be competitive and challenging. Some of the common challenges that most Nigerian is faced applicants include:

  • High Competition: Due to the prestige and benefits of the scholarship, there is a high number of applicants each year, making the selection process very competitive.
  • Strict Eligibility Criteria: Meeting the academic and other eligibility criteria can be challenging for many students.
  • Documentation: Gathering all the required documents, such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and identification forms, can be time-consuming and demanding.

Success Stories of Shell Scholarship Recipients

The Shell Scholarship Program has a rich history of producing successful graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields. Here are a few success stories:

  • Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: A former Nigerian Finance Minister and current Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala is a notable alumnus of the Shell Scholarship Program.
  • Wole Soyinka: The Nobel Laureate in Literature and renowned playwright is also a beneficiary of the Shell Scholarship, which helped him pursue his higher education.
  • Aliko Dangote: One of Africa’s richest men and a prominent industrialist, Dangote credits part of his educational success to the support he received from the Shell Scholarship.

Impact of the Shell Scholarship on all Nigerian Education Sector

The Shell Scholarship Program had a great impact on the Nigerian education sector by:

  • Improving Access to Education: Offering financial support, the scholarship has also allowed a lot of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access higher education.
  • Promoting Social Mobility: The scholarship also helps bridge the gap between different socio-economic classes, whereby it promotes social mobility and even reduces inequality.

Future Prospects of the Shell Scholarship Program

As the Shell Scholarship Program continues to evolve, its future prospects include:

  • Expansion of Coverage: Plans to include more educational institutions and increase the number of scholarships awarded annually.
  • Introduction of New Disciplines: When talking about courses covered by the scholarship to emerging fields like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and data science.
  • Enhanced Support Services: Providing additional support services such as career counseling, mental health support, and entrepreneurial training to scholarship recipients.

Top 10 Companies Currently Hiring

Here is a detailed listing of 10 companies that are currently hiring, including the positions available, pay rates, office locations, and contact information:

  1. Company Name: XYZ Oil & Gas Ltd.
    • Pay Rate: $25 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Petroleum Engineer, Geologist
    • Office Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Company Name: ABC Energy Solutions
    • Pay Rate: $30 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Environmental Scientist, Safety Officer
    • Office Location: Abuja, Nigeria
  3. Company Name: DEF Petroleum Corp.
    • Pay Rate: $28 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager
    • Office Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  4. Company Name: GHI Energy Inc.
    • Pay Rate: $32 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Electrical Engineer, Data Analyst
    • Office Location: Kaduna, Nigeria
  5. Company Name: JKL Oil Services
    • Pay Rate: $27 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Chemical Engineer, Operations Supervisor
    • Office Location: Enugu, Nigeria
  6. Company Name: MNO Exploration Ltd.
    • Pay Rate: $29 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Civil Engineer, Safety Coordinator
    • Office Location: Ibadan, Nigeria
  7. Company Name: PQR Energy Plc.
    • Pay Rate: $31 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Drilling Engineer, Logistics Manager
    • Office Location: Kano, Nigeria
  8. Company Name: STU Oil Refinery
    • Pay Rate: $26 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Process Engineer, Maintenance Technician
    • Office Location: Warri, Nigeria
  9. Company Name: VWX Energy Ventures
    • Pay Rate: $34 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Production Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager
    • Office Location: Benin City, Nigeria
  10. Company Name: YZA Oilfield Services
    • Pay Rate: $35 per hour
    • Current Vacancies: Reservoir Engineer, Health & Safety Officer
    • Office Location: Jos, Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is eligible for the Shell Scholarship?
Eligibility criteria include academic excellence, financial need, and in some cases, being a member of the host community. Specific requirements may vary depending on the type of scholarship.
2. How can I apply for the Shell Scholarship?
Interested students can apply through the official Shell Scholarship portal or by following the application guidelines provided on the Shell website. Ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria and submit all required documents.
3. What expenses does the Shell Scholarship cover?
The scholarship typically covers tuition fees, living expenses, and provides a monthly stipend. The exact benefits may vary depending on the specific scholarship awarded.
4. Can I apply for the Shell Scholarship if I am already receiving another scholarship?
It depends on the terms and conditions of both scholarships. It is advisable to check with the scholarship administrators to determine if you can receive multiple scholarships simultaneously.
5. What are the selection criteria for the Shell Scholarship?
Selection is based on academic performance, financial need, and sometimes, community involvement or leadership qualities. The selection process is highly competitive.
For more information, visit the official Shell Nigeria website via