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A Professor gives lecture while covered in bees

Professor gives lecture while covered in bees

A Professor, in the Washington State University, Tim Lawrence covered with bees all over his face in Washington. He unveils how he cannot get repeatedly stung by the honey bees with a dramatic demonstration of their stimulus-response.

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Anybody can come up and stick their hand right in this swarm and not get stung,’ he says, inviting brave students to test it for themselves.

He explains how by holding the queen, the other honey bees swarm around him. He says it’s his preferred way to create his ‘bee beard’ as it is more ‘natural’ than opening their cage and waiting for them to cluster around his body.

‘I think you get better bee beards this way; you get more of a natural, larger swarm,’ he says.

That doesn’t stop him getting stung, however, with Professor Lawrence admitting to a few bites.


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