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Photo:How I Built My Business Empire Says Toyin Lawani

Toyin LawaniCelebrity stylist and designer, Toyin Lawani has delved in to so many businesses and many wonder how she keeps up..The serial entrepreneur who refers to her businesses as ‘an empire’ decided to share a bit of her story today..Read below
“Happy sunday to my Entrepreneurs, let me Give you a tip to success..An individual who walk alone will find him/herself in places A crowd can never get,when on a mission in life you have to look to your goals&Aim at it, you have to let go of friends and alot of unimportant things in life..Being from a Rich home wont even cut it for you..if you dont have passion for what you set to do you will giveup along the way,4yrs ago a fashion mogul i looked up to sat me down and told me to concentrate only on one of my passions that i will Grow faster than doing all at the sometime..

Aunty i have been doing all this buisnesses since i was 16 years old in university of lagos and i had two shops…i believe in myself and being consistent will do the trick,she laughed whn i tld her I cnt drop any of my biz cse i hv passion4 all..i luv being a stylist and being a designer lets me create images that have never been seen from scratch,i didnt go to beauty,fashion, styling,Designing /Buisness school just to drop some of my business? my mum handed some of this business to me..

i got home,cried and thoughts about it and i told myself I need to workharder to prove this hater wrong…i started making ways towards building my Empire,i knew putting all my buisnesses under one roof will do d trick,so people can know i own them,my unisex salon,human hairline (HairGoddess ) spa,glowproducts,Butik,travelling Agency where all at my VI branch at oyinjolayemi then,while Amaladotcom1 was at oniru and my Design outfit was at my home,by the time i made all my biz rounds 4days,it would have been to late when i got home to cater to my kids. .with time my business suffered and staffs started cheating me..

Oneday, I wokeup and said i cant do this no more and didn’t want to be a loser,had to much passion to let go of what i lived for..so spoke to alot of pips and my partner,the advice they gave me are more than was to close the business up…well I took their No and turned it into a YES…found the new location worked on it for a year without telling no one..opened up 7 more businesses added to the old force help them evolve and now we here..never take NO for an answer..Neva let anyone kill your dreams just case they feel it’s impossible, show them it’s possible do the undoable,Go Back and learn more if you have to..Remember Beyonce’s got same 24hrs your have if she can do it yes you can..Be unstoppable but first you have to believe in ur Dreams due to Dream crushers #Atmfashionista#Theentrepreneur #TIANNAHSPLACEMPIRE”

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