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Photo: All Sins Are Not Equal Says Ali Baba

All sins are not equal-Ali BabaHere is the thing that pro entertainer and motivational speaker Ali Baba needed to say in regards to different type of sin.According to him, in spite of explanations that a ‘sin is a sin’ nor matter what structure it takes, he feels all transgressions are not the same. Because of the quote above, he composed“Not really. If I lied that I didn’t have money to borrow you, because I have need for the money or know you will not pay me back the money… It could count as sin because God says let your yes be yes and your no no. So I can’t shout when 20billion is missing? Haba na!!!! Or let’s say a lady and a guy tried to but count not help themselves (circumstances beyond control or one thing led to another, as they say) does that mean if I see a rapist I can’t say “look at that monster!”? Abegi!!!! Or because i don’t pay tithe I can’t say “a terrorist who killed over 3000 people should be killed?”… Sin get degree oooo…”

Do You Agree with that?

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