How To Apply For Nigerian International Passport Online (Guides)


Nigerian International Passport made easy online, according to the Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS) portal they’ve got two different types of passport named: the official e-passport and the standard e-passport. As we know, the old Nigerian passport cannot be renewed again; you are advised to apply for the new Nigerian passport. See what Wikipedia, have to say about Nigerian New Passport

In this post, i will take you through how to obtain a Nigerian passport online; this guide will let you know the documents file that will be asked for an interview.

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Note that, the old Nigerian passport is no longer in use and cannot be renewed, so it is advisable to get the new Nigerian passport.

Types Of Nigerian Passport

1. Standard E-passport

2. Official E-passport

Below is the list of the Documents you will be asked when applying for;

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Standard E-passport Interview

  • A letter of identification from your Local Government.
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age.
  • Two copies of a recent passport photograph.
  • A Guarantor’s form sworn before a Judge or Magistrate.
  • Marriage certificate if any.
  • A letter of consent from parents for children under the age of 16.
  • A police report in case of lost passport


For Official E-passport Interview

  • A letter of identification from the Federal Government Ministry or State Government.
  • Marriage certificate if any.
  • Letter of previous promotion or appointment.
  • A police report in case of lost passport.
  • Renew Nigerian Passport
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Note that you cannot renew old Nigeria Passport, you’re advised to apply for a new Nigeria Passport.

How to Apply for a New Nigerian Passport Online

  • Kindly go to the Epassport Application Portal which is also the official website for application of Nigerian e-passport.
  • Choose the type of e-passport you want and then tap on “Start Application”.
  • Complete the application form with the appropriate requirements.
  • Click on the “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form” box.
  • Click on the “print button” to print the completed form and then click on “submit button”.
  • Make payments either by using a Visa ATM card following these procedures:
  • Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”,
  • Choose either the “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” option then click on “Continue”. If your payment is successful, you will be given a Validation Number which confirms your payment.
  • Lastly, Attend the interview with all the necessary documents and printouts.

When Can I Renew My Nigerian Passport?

You are advised to renew your Nigerian passport once it’s expired. of course you can do it yourself with the guides above