2020 Paying and Good Mlm Business – Top 10 Network Marketing(MLM) Companies In Nigeria


Below are the lists of good and highest paying latest networking (MLM) companies in Nigeria! Due to the recent situation in Nigeria, people have started making research and looking for business opportunities to improve their lives. Most of their research is based on List of networking businesses in Nigeria and also latest MLM networking business in Nigeria.

Of which we have many illegal pyramid scheme and legitimate MLM companies in Nigeria. Having a population of about 180million, everyone all wants to live a good lifestyle.

In this article, we would be dishing out 15 legitimate MLM companies in Nigeria.


GNLD – Golden NeoLife Diamite, has been operating for long. More than half a century old, this MLM company has helped many lifetimes over in different economic conditions.

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The MLM company products include personal care, nutritional products/supplements and also home care products. Once you’re a member of the company, you have access to transfer your distributorship to another – One of the great things GNLD has is you can move the business you’ve built and the pass it on to your younger ones or child.

This MLM companies(GNLD) has acquired a good reputation for providing high-quality products that are also joined with a wide product range; it supports all their distributors to maintain a higher PV(Point Valve).

2. Trevo

This is topping our second list here, Trevo has also been long in Nigeria, whereby they offer a great product that Name 12 in 1 cure all things, the product contains more than 170 ingredients. It happens to be one of the expensive MLM business to start within Nigeria. I wouldn’t say their higher cost is good or bad: While recruiting from a smaller pool of prospects, the higher price also means larger commissions.

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The trevo compensation plan is on “straight line matrix.” It’s really not complex, but it has nothing less than eight ways to get paid.

3. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products(FLP) was founded in 1978 and has also earned some great reputation in Nigeria, more established MLM companies in Nigeria. It has a stable business model and also a good leadership. The product is made from natural ingredients.

One of the great things that make FLP be growing is that their products are not “luxury products” or novelties that people would need to cut down on if times became tough.

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4. Alliance in Motion Global

This MLM company was founded in the Philippines in 2005; AIM Global only targeted a few countries, they’ve really not expanded their coast. They have a good business plan because their expansion plans seem to be targeting countries with a lot of potentials, but no saturation or restrictive business regulation.

Aim Global product includes what they called “functional beverages,” cosmetic products, supplements and other essential natural products. Most of their products are used daily, which has a wide appeal – Aim global compensation plan, although it has some other ways of ways of earning a commission. The truth is, it rewards those who work at it consistently.

5. Kedi

Kedi Healthcare is also one of the good MLM company in Nigeria founded in 2006. The company is a subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Ltd from Hong Kong.

The product line includes some lifestyle essentials, and There product are herbal supplements which can help to address a wide variety of ailments (let’s face it – the Chinese people have always been great at creating natural remedies that work).

The truth is, Kedi is one of the cheapest MLM company to work with, with no purchase required after registration, and no monthly targets. Kedi membership registration form is N4000.

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6. Tiens – Tianshi

Tiens which is also known as Tianshi is a network marketing company that is from China. There was a time it was listed on the USA stock. exchanges, but later withdrew from the North American markets (the USA and Canada) due to high resistance against MLM as a business model (in America, more and more network marketing companies are coming under fire because those in power are unwilling to accept the legitimacy of the business structure.

Tiens is operating in more than 190 countries worldwide, and they’ve thriving since the USA withdrawal.

Tien’s product target only health and wellness products, and some other home care and pet care products. Besides, they have many commissions and bonuses.

7. Green Life

Green Life is also a Chinese company that aims to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to the whole world. It was founded in 1988, but
started operating in 1998.

8. Longrich

Longrich Network Company Ltd is an MLM company has been operating for more three decades. They also have no monthly target while your total PV is there with expiring.

9. Oriflame

Oriflame was founded in 1960’s in Sweden. Worldwide, they have a great sales force. Fortunately, Being a new MLM Company in Nigeria means that you won’t have to battle against market saturation as much as reps from other countries undoubtedly have to do.

Oriflame products are mostly beauty and personal care products; the Oriflame company is a one of the cheapest MLM business to start with just like Kedi. You may want to keep one thing in mind, however: Working your way up the ranks is a bit harder than in most other MLM companies

10. Green World

Green World, are also Traditional Chinese Medicine products. The product includes a variety of health and beauty products.

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11. Organo Gold

12. Edmark

13. Gaurapad

12. 4Life

13. Global Wealth Trade

15. Total Life Changes