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List of Lucrative Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria With 100k

 List of Lucrative Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria With 100k

List of Lucrative Small Businesses to Start in Nigeria With 100k


1. Bedsheet/Beddings Production.

Hmm, this is becoming crazy, pay a visit to where they sell bulk materials, like Lagos Island, Oshodi or Gbagi in
Ibadan. Request for you a good design material, then you get people to sew it for you right from the market. You can start the business with just less that 100k, look while you money grow.

2. Shirt Production:

This is also a sweet business you can invest in, get a good tailor or learn the skill. There’s an area you can get that in Lagos, which is Taiwo Street in Lagos Island. Clothes Materials ranging from 700 – 1k per yard, then, sew it for just 1500/2k, Sell for 5-7k.

3. Boxers:

This is a good business you can earn huge money from, head to Aba market, for the cost of boxer production, it can be
produced with just N300, what you just need to do is to package your items in 3s, To make money on it, post it on all your
social media account and beg for share and RT. We buy 3s pack boxers for 1500-2500, you can sell yours for 1200.

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4. E-Payments and POS Business:

Being in the tech world, E-payment is also one of the lucrative business in Nigeria; you can walk up to any bank and get yours, then activate it for online banking. It pays people who live in an area where you can hardly see banks or area where banks are scanty and huge people are in for transactions. Whenever i needed to make a fast transaction, i do pay N200 for withdrawing/Send money in Lagos.

5. Mobile and Electronic Accessories:

The sales of Mobile and electronic Accessories like Pouches, HDMI cables, Chargers, USB cables, earphones and more, can be sourced on Ali Express, Alibaba, Deal Extreme, etc. The more quantity you buy, the cheaper the price. Isn’t that good? And ship to Nigeria, then Sell on here or Jumia, Konga, and co.

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6. Popcorn:

I have a brother that sells popcorn in front of a Unilag, UI, and Unilorin; these guys are making it big in sales of popcorn. Bag of maize – Mile 12 Branded Nylon Sugar, Salt & Butter. The exciting part is that when properly made, its aroma will call customers to come. Manual sealing machine -7/9k Popcorn Machine costs 65k on Jumia or thereabouts. Popcorn can be served anywhere(be it, birthday, schools, any occasions).

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7. Branding – Sales and Customizing

The football fanatics always want to buy a jersey of there club and get it customized.

8. Cleaning Services:

There are some set of people that don’t have time to clean their apartments because are always from Monday to Friday and Saturday they have engagement and on Sunday they want to rest. Your tools won’t cost you up to 30k, and you can clean six apartments a weekend.

9. Bead Making:

Is also a lucrative business, all you need is a training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing. You don’t really need 100k to start.

10. Tutorial Classes:

This has no age limit, and it’s a well-paying job if you’re passionate about teaching, either as part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to acquire a good teacher for their children to keep them busy. Meet their need for a fee.

Note: The Truth in this kind of business is that you have to be persistence, focus, interest and above all hard work. We can’t all be rich, but we all shouldn’t be poor.

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Disclaimer: To be factual with you, don’t ever put the family thing to your business so that you business won’t sink. Make you sure you treat your business as business, collect your money when when they buy from you. Choose the best business that suits you.

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