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Internet Banking Security Tips In Nigeria

Internet Banking Security Tips In Nigeria,Gtbank's Internet Banking Security Tips,Security Tips, Securing Customer data

Internet Banking Security Tips In Nigeria

Do you want a secure Internet Banking Security Tips In Nigeria? The uba internet banking , gtb- internet banking and other banks also operate internet banking so as for their user to access their account online and make some online money transfer process, They’ve all got online banking app. don’t be devise all the mobile banking comes with its challenge. I’m not saying it not good to operate Internet Banking, i can say is still the best and fastest banking transaction. You can as well contact their customer care if anything goes wrong.

We love internet banking for the convenience it offers us. However, security is of paramount importance here. You should protect your login details, so as not to fall victim of banking fraud. One way is to make sure your internet connection is secure.

Though we all love to use the internet banking due to it best service, it offers us. But, security of your account should be number one priority. Your login details need to be safe so as not to fall victim of banking fraud. One of the best way to keep your account safe is by making your internet connection secure.

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Fundamentals Internet Banking Security Tips In Nigeria

Here is the list to help protect you from banking fraud.

1. Don’t and never try accessing your internet banking platform from an email

All banks all got their official website to use internet banking transactions, Make use of their official website. At times you might receive an e-mail requesting you to CLICK on a link to LOGIN to your account online/ or fix a problem. Most of the link is always fake and it from the hackers. If you click on the link, it may display exactly the real bank’s page, and you’ll be asked to enter your login details, by
submitting this DETAILS to the page, it would give them free access to login to your account and used it against you(making transactions.).

2. Do not disclose your internet banking details to anyone

Don ever disclosed your banking details to anyone(Even the one you trusted). Sometimes those hacker/scammers always send out some message or call or email. Telling you they are from your bank, requesting for either passwords or security information. Banks can never do that(so take note of that.) If you are to submit such sensitive information, let it be from your bank.

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3. Navigate the internet banking site if is secure

Any website that starts with or has https:// have Secured Socket Layer (SSL); you would definitely see a padlock attached to it. It tells and indicates that the site is secure. So, if you noticed your banking website did not have it, please don’t input your details. Because, that shows the site is not secure enough whereby your details can be acquired and used by fraudulent persons.

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4. Get a Security token and keep it safe

Using Token, it adds to the level of security to your online banking transactions. The token is meant to generate code. So if any login to your account he/she won’t be able to make any transaction because it would request a passcode to access your online bank Account. As long your Security token is safe, you’ll fully be protected. So, it’s advisable to get one from your bank.

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5. Connect to internet banking from a secure computer

Free your computer or PC free from a virus(make sure is up to date) Make your browser up to date as well. It would be hard for hackers to access your computer via the website embedded with antivirus.

6. Connect to internet banking from a secure network

Lest i forget, please access your bank details with a wifi connection you’re actually not sure of. Probably from public places like cyber cafes or a private place like School or company wifi. If you are to use wifi connection, make sure is safe and secure which is also from a reputable company. You can also make use of your phone wifi or a modem, which is your personal internet connections.

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