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How To Remove Smoke Smell From Clothes Without Washing

How To Remove Smoke Smell From Clothes Without Washing
If you use to attend some parties where your friends use to smoke consistently, and you also love to do the same. If you have to wear the same dress which you were wearing last night at the dinner party or your shirt is smelling smoky meanwhile you don’t have time to wash the shirt.
The other case could be that you have forgotten to place the shirt in the laundry for a wash or you are not at home to change the dress and even do not have any other shirt with you. It’s probably a problem.
In such problematic situation, you will need the remedy or any effect to handle the situation and remove the smoke smell from the shirt. At this moment the help of this informative article you will get the ideas of removing smoke smell from the clothes.
Hang Them In The Fresh Air For A While
If you can’t go for washing the clothes at the time of need, then you must hang them out in the fresh air. There are some essential things you have to follow while hanging and those are to hang them in the place other than under sun. The clothes should be hanged in a single layer so the air can pass through them quickly.
How To Remove Smoke Smell From Clothes Without Washing
If there are any green plants available at the concerning place, then hang them near those plants because they will leave fresh aroma in the clothes. Plants help in absorbing the chemicals and smell from the clothes during the drying process and leave them fresh for hours. Leave them hanging in the air for a few hours or if possible for the whole night.
Put Clothes In Freezer
In some clothes material, the smell remains because the access to bacteria in that denim is universal. For this issue, you can wrap your clothes in canvas or plastic pouch and keep them in a freezer for at least 2 to 3 hours.
How To Remove Smoke Smell From Clothes Without Washing
By doing this you will feel good substitute for washing, and you will not have to use any extra energy with this remedy because your freezer is already working. You must be careful and wrap clothes correctly so that you can save them from icing and other impacts.
Try To Use Some Coffee Grounds
The trick of using coffee grounds for removing smells from the dressing, drawers, and cupboards is the oldest remedy and utilized for absorbing those stuffy odors from the clothes. You just need to place some coffee grounds in the cupboard or the place where you have put the clothes.
How To Remove Smoke Smell From Clothes Without Washing
If this remedy will not work as per your need, then pack your shirt in a brown wrapper and put some fresh coffee beans in it. You do not need to shake it because coffee has its own adore which is enough for the smell to leave the clothes. You just need to keep your shirt like this for at least 2 to 3 hours. It will work magically in removing smoke smell from your shirt.
Spray With Vodka
If you have a spare and waste bottle of vodka and you are feeling bad to waste that because it was expensive, then you can use that vodka for removing smoke smell from the clothes. Just add half of water and half of vodka in a bottle and shake it well. Now use this mixture with the help of the spray bottle and spray freedom on the clothes from where you want to remove the smell of smoke.
The actual benefit of this remedy is a smell of smoke will disappear because vodka has the elements which are useful in killing bacteria and besides you will not smell drunk because vodka dries soon and does not leave any odor in the clothes.
Submerge In Cat Litter
Many of the cat litter brands are claimed to absorb the bad smells of the litter box. If it works for the cat litter smells, then it will also be good in removing the smoke smell from the clothes. You have to submerge your clothes in the cat litter and leave them for few hours.
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If you have any cat at your place, then be careful and keep your submerged clothes away from the cats because they use to do pee and poo in the litter box. If you do not care for this, they will spoil your favorite dress. If the above remedies do not work for you, then you have to go with washing your clothes because that will be the only way other than above all.
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