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How to brush up on your grammar

How to brush up on your grammar
How to brush up on your grammar
With blogs being created left and right, people are becoming their own newspaper editors and writers. Some grammar experts however are lamenting on how the English language have taken a beating because of what is happening. You see, with blogs becoming more popular, people are slowly able to accept bad grammar as something that they can live with.
But this should not be because grammar is a standard that all should subscribe to. We need to be able to express ourselves within the rules. Otherwise, we would not be able to pass on anything to our children or to the next generation.
Grammar is actually easy. When you really study it, you’ll realize that it is actually quite easy. Here are some of the most basic rules in grammar.
1. Singular and Plural verbs
The most basic verb forms can be added with an S or not. A singular verb takes on a verb with s. When you say singular meaning the doer or the subject of the verb is only one. For example, Sheila dances to the tune of Macarena. The subject here is Sheila. She’s only one. Thus, the verb dance has an S on it. Another example is The stuffed toy sits comfortably on top of the stool. Again the stuffed toy is singular. Thus the verb is written with S.
Plural verbs on the other hand should take on verbs without an s. Plural verbs are those with doers or subjects that are more than one. For example, Sheila and Elysse dance to the tune of Macarena. There are two nouns or subjects here, Sheila and Elysse. Thus, you should be using a verb without an S.
2. The use of IS and ARE
The verbs IS and ARE can be used in two ways: As verbs that can stand on its own and as linking verbs, which takes on the form IS/ARE + Verb with ING. The verb IS should be used with singular subjects and nouns while ARE should be used with plural subjects and nouns, for both the basic form and the linking verb form. An example of a linking verb form is: IS DANCING. Another is: ARE SITTING. Linking verbs are used to denote a verb or situation that is happening in the present as it is being observed especially when it is being compared to another event or situation.
For example, Sheila is dancing to the tune of Macarena while waiting for the instructor. Notice the use of the verb IS. On the other hand, when the sentence is this: Sheila and Elysse are dancing to the tune of Macarena while waiting for the instructor. Notice the use of the verb ARE. For the basic form, we look at this example: The stuffed toy is sitting comfortably on the stool for days now. Notice the use of the singular verb IS. Another example is this: The stuffed toys (a plural subject) are sitting comfortably on the stool for days now.
These are actually the most basic grammar rules and sometimes, things can get complicated when you encounter some other words like non-countable nouns. But as they always say, we only need to study to be able to learn. Grammar is very important as we will be showing the sophistication of our people through the language that we use.
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