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Happy Democracy Day/handover: What Are Your Prayers & Wishes For The New President?

One thing is sure; it doesn’t make a difference who wears the highest crown of administration in Nigeria, what we ought to be concerned with is – can Nigeria be taken to an unreached tallness of accomplishment in the echelon of nations. Far more awful than the threat created by boko-haram is one’s wish that this new administration ought to fail,to authenticate and confirm all our prior affirmations, projections and figurings. In the event that the nation starts to experience great administration, boko-haram wiped out(even in the event that it happens from may 30,we shouldn’t summon dark creative impulses that anybody has a connection in it),& an unparalled venture blast and so forth.

We all will be cheering. Who says Nigeria can’t sustain kids in school? Who says we can’t have 24hrs force supply? Who says unemployed youth corpers can’t be paid? Who says we can’t turn into a sending out nation? – in lacking honesty and past records held, its a No; however this is another period.

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consider the possibility that organizations pony up all required funds. Imagine a scenario in which ports debasement are halted. Imagine a scenario where oil incomes Are not stolen. Imagine a scenario in which our congresspersons and reps. In the upper and lower chambers(respectively) cuts their compensations and remittances? Imagine a scenario in which venture are not expanded and exaggerated. Consider the possibility that obtained stores are really utilized wisely and optimally(considering what happened in the force segment. Imagine a scenario in which oil robbery is no more. Imagine a scenario in which farming encounters recrudescence. Imagine a scenario in which builders don’t steal away with funds?.

The set objectives and vision of the new administration may not be what appear to be achievable today,because we are utilized to the untruth we’ve been told and Nigeria’s poor record of initiative at the top; however lets trust it can be achievable tomorrow.

May be not in 6-months,may be in a year; but rather toward the end let Nigeria be known as a nation,that’s one – without tribal and religion predisposition and bias, developing day by day in jump and limits were non-oil income will be our significant worker for forex. For a Nigeria we all can be glad of,were our fine brains outside see motivations to be a piece of the Nigeria venture and our adolescents not biting the dust day by day for illegal offenses outside Nigeria looking for happiness(even in poor nations that Nigeria’s GDP is greater than).

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lets commit to that conviction-based move.

What are your supplications to God and wishes for the mohammadu Buhari administration?

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