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Gunmen kills 6 Travellers In Ogoni

A few different persons were genuinely harmed and are accepting treatment in healing centers.

The area question is in the middle of Deeken and Deeyor groups in Gokana Local Government Area. It was learnt that at 6a.m. recently, Deeken “contenders” opened fire on the business transport at the Kpopie Junction, executing the six travelers and harming the others.

The Deeken and Deeyor villagers have been at loggerheads more than a fringe land close to the Kpopie Junction.

The Chairman of Gokana Local Aovernment Arae, Badom Donatus, censured the killings.

He encouraged security offices to capture the culprits and convey them to equity, to serve as an impediment to other criminally-minded persons.

Police representative Muhammad Kidaya Ahmad, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said: “Shooters on cruisers, suspected to be from Deeken, opened flame at Kpopie Junction on a few individuals who happened to be from Deeyor. Six individuals were murdered.

“The assault may not be detached with the extended area question between the two groups. Police Commissioner Dan Bature has drafted extra policemen to the region to keep the acceleration of the savagery and improve the chase for the offenders.”

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