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Top 5 Best TV Series Download Website 2019

best tv series of all time,best tv series 2019

After spending the entire day working, anyone would long for some pleasant relaxation time and what else can be more entertaining than watching your favorite movie or TV series episode. Whether on weekends or even during the week, watching TV can help with maintaining your hormonal levels and relieving stress.

However, most people won’t want to leave their comfortable beds or couches to visit cinemas and watch movies. Besides, the best TV show titles aren’t typically shown at the cinemas. In today’s digital era, almost all of the oldest and latest movies & TV shows are available for viewing right at your fingertips.

We now have loads of websites that enable users to download movies and TV series for free.

  • This website offer live streaming services.
  • You get to decide whether to stream them online or to download them for viewing offline.

best tv series of all time,best tv series 2019

But, not all movie and TV series streaming websites allow users to download video content. Even those that enable you to download movies and TV shows may be illegal and could likely expose your device to harmful malware within the downloaded files.

If you’re looking for the most reliable movie and TV series download sites that will allow you to watch your preferred video content offline. You’ve currently in the right place because this article is loaded with the best movie and web series download sites that can make your wishes come true.

This list was made to help the mobile user to decide on which are the best TV series download sites available out there this year.

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Top 5 Best Top Movie and TV Series Download Sites 2019


Most people consider NETFLIX to be among the best movie and TV series download sites out there right now.  This is hardly a surprise since you will find NETFLIX on almost every list of top-rated movies and TV series downloading sites in 2019.  Visit the NETFLIX website to find and stream thousands of popular TV shows from trendy TV networks and from the NETFLIX studios itself.

Through the NETFLIX website, you can connect to an international platform that is accessible from almost anywhere on the planet. Meaning you will discover blockbuster TV shows from America and other countries as well.

NETFLIX users can watch loads of Original NETFLIX shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, House of Cards, Narcos, Orange is The New Black, 13 Reasons Why, Breaking Bad, and more.

2. YouTube:

YouTube is yet another well-known contender among the best series download sites for this year. Almost every person alive today must have used the YouTube platform.

  • YouTube is the largest video sharing website where people can upload and distribute all types of video files.
  • It is a very diverse website since you will find all types of movies, music videos, songs, informative clips, tutorials, as well as popular TV shows.
  • You can quickly discover old and trending TV and web series for online streaming or for downloading to watch later offline.
  • But, you will require a third-party app to help you download video content from YouTube since the site does not support direct downloads.


The Fz Movies website needs no introduction with regards to downloading movies.

You can stream and download movies and TV shows in both superior and inferior quality, as well as in different formats. Moreover, this is one of the best movies and TV series download sites that allows you to download free videos without creating an account.


This online streaming platform owned is by Sony Pictures Entertainment is undoubtedly one of the best movies and web series download sites available today.

The Sony Crackle website is essentially a network for airing free movies & TV shows; it is supported by ads. Moreover, it is a legit site for downloading free TV shows, which you can view offline on different devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac web browsers, PS, and Xbox.

Apart from its primary function of providing access to TV shows from various TV networks, the Sony Crackle production team is also into the creation of its own original TV content for airing across Crackle platforms. These original series can only be found on Crackle. Sony Crackle was initially developed as a web streaming platform. Nowadays, however, you can download your favorite TV shows from the Crackle website.

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Furthermore, you can download and install the Crackle app for iOS and Android devices, launch it, and choose your preferred TV shows to watch or download with the tap of a single button. Trust me, Crackle users can even download an entire season of a TV show and then watch it later offline.


Introducing ETTV Torrent – yet another one among the best movies and series download sites for this year.

  • This torrent-based platform will enable you to download different TV show genres.
  • It can boast of more than 300 titles from across the world.
  • Most popular TV show titles out there today can be found on the ETTV platform.
  • You can search the massive collection of TV shows by genre, year, top shows, and video quality.
  • Downloading your preferred video content from ETTV can be a bit tricky since you will need to install torrent software on your device before you can save TV series from this website offline viewing.
  • If you’re familiar with how a torrent websites work, then ETTV should be the best site to download TV series for you to choose from.
  • You can download video content from here onto your Android or iOS smartphones, as well as on your Mac and Windows PCs.