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Best 5 Eye Protector App For Android, Tablet iphone & PC That Prevent Eye Strain

 Best 5 Apps eye protector app for android that Prevent Eye Strain

For most of us that operate smartphones, Laptop and tablets for a long period, eye strain is now a major ailment.

Based on Android Device, the normal screen brightness settings and the excessively bright screens at night would make it hard to go to bed.

Staring at your tablet/smartphone display also affect your sleeping patterns due to the blue light that that’s display from these screens.

We will be listing some of the best Android apps, that would make you free from eye strain and also protect your eyes.

Best 5 Eye Protector App For Android, Tablet iphone & PC That Prevent Eye Strain

1. Twilight

Twilight app for Android: It adjusts the brightness of your gadgets during the day by reducing the harsh white and blue lights as the day.

After installing Twilight app on your Phone or tablet, it starts to add some soft red filter on the screen. The intensity of the red filter adjusts itself based on the sunset and sunrise of where you are.

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Seriously, when you installed Twilight app on your phone, you will find out it’s very pleasing to the eyes most especially for people who read at night. You can also select several different types of filters you like to use.

2. Velis Auto Brightness

The Velis Auto Brightness App also gives you the features you need to control the brightness of your Android phone. You can as well customize the auto brightness, modify sensor, create a list of apps you don’t want the App to touch by Velis settings, adjust sensors sensitivity and so on. The app also has premium content through in-app purchase.

3. Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

Blue Light Filter app, it’s also on Android, PC and iPhone version. This app also adjusts the screen color to reduce blue light that can cause eyes strain. With just a tap, you can turn it off or On it.

The app has some five great colors: Natural, Brown, Purple, Yellow, and Light Dark, that can all filter 0-80 percent of blue light emitting from the Android phones and tablets. You can also decide to select filters whatever you like based on your surroundings. You can adjust the opacity of the filter.

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4. EasyEyes Free

EasyEyes App is also one of the great App to have installed on your Android, and it helps you when your phone or PC screen seems too bright in the lowest brightness setting. It changes the color temperature and also creates a screen filter to reduce eyestrain at night.

EasyEyes works on all devices and also cover the whole screen. It has a time scheduler to set the time. Interestingly, when your time is not correct, it helps fix it, this happens, based on the sunrise and sunset.

5. Lux Lite

Lux Lite App it also does the same work just like App mentioned above, the App would allow you to adjust how bright you want it to be. If you find yourself in a dimly lit room, Lux App will lower the brightness of your screen instantly, to make it comfortable for you and also save your battery power.

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