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10 mobile payment systems that will change your life

10 mobile payment systems that will change your life

10 mobile payment systems that will change your life

This days business is about transaction within 2 or more people with the best experience you possibly can. Since customers will use a variety of payment methods to pay for their goods and services, as a business, you need to make sure that you cater for this diversity, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential sales.

But how can you cater for so many different payment platforms, such as Visa, American Express, PayPal, etc., all from one place?

So, to make things workout fast and well, today we’ll explore ten of the most comprehensive mobile payment platforms, enabling you full control over how your customers pay, no matter where you are in the world.

1 – PayPal

This is maybe the most essential and universal tool in your payment platform arsenal. It’s one of the popular services and many people’s go-to platform. In addition to having an account, people without an account can also make payments and the app or PayPal.me feature means you can take payments anywhere.

2 – Samsung Wallet

If you’re using a Samsung device that you use for payments, this app is entirely integrated to ensure you have the best experience. Just load up your payment particulars into the secure app and
use it as you would in any store with NFC technology.

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3 – Stripe

If you’re using your payment platform mainly for business purposes, Stripe could be ideal for you. Aimed to make taking and spending money as a business as easy as possible, you can accept all kinds of payment from your customers, even Bitcoin. This is a popular payment platform with significant businesses, including Lyft and InstaCart.

4 – Apple Pay

If you’re a user of iOS, Apple pay could be one of the best platforms for you to work with since it will seamlessly integrate into your existing device.

“Apple has made everything easy since your account is linked with your Cloud and Apple accounts and allows you to store multiple payment details from different bank accounts. Use it in stores, when buying goods and services and excellent security” shares Derren Jenkins, a payment system developer for Elite Assignment Help.

5 – Barclays bPay

If you’re a Barclays customer, you may have already heard of bPay. Available for both Android and iOS devices, bPay is a secure and versatile mobile payment system that uses wireless communications for you to make your payments.

“I love the Barclays bPay since you can have access to all your accounts without having to carry the cards and can choose from a variety of accessories from key chains to wristbands to ensure paying for things is easy for you” explains Jennifer Dawson, a payment operation manager for Australian Reviewer.

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6 – WildCard

If you’re looking for a card which can store multiple accounts and saves you carrying around your typical credit and debit cards, WildCard may be for you. This contactless card has been featured by many leading tech blogs, such as Gizmodo, and gives you all the security and ease of use that would expect from a payment card.

7 – Google Wallet

While Google is a far cry from PayPal’s popularity, the search engine giant’s payment platform is rapidly increasing with users and payment transactions. Fully integrated into Android handsets and optimized for NFC payments, this is one to watch for the future.

“Google Wallet is probably one of the most comprehensive and dynamic mobile systems in the world. It’s compatible with pretty much any kind of payment or currency and works on all your devices, making it effortless to pay and receive money when you need to” claims Duncan Taylor, a system developer at Top Canadian Writers.

8 – Square

Square is one of the traditional mobile payment systems and has been available to customers and business owners for years. After signing up, you’ll have access to a payment card and a portable card reader, and a connected app so you can take payments from people wherever you are in the world. You can even print off receipts with you use Apple’s AirPrint service, or send them a copy to their email address.

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9 – Pay Anywhere

As the title of this app suggests, this is a platform that allows your customers, or yourself, to pay for goods and services no matter where you are in the world. This app is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, including desktop computers and supports many primary and popular services.

10 – Venmo

With the ability to sign up for the service using just your Facebook account, Venmo has made it incredibly easy to have a comprehensive payment system directly on your smartphone or tablet.

However, instead of paying businesses and shops, etc., you’ll be paying friends, and people on your contacts list securely. There’s even a custom weekly spend so you can make sure you don’t go over your limit!

Summers has been a payment operations manager for the last five years, working for a variety of companies, both big and small, including Best British Essays, a leading custom writing service. In her leisure time, she can be found helping and advising small, start-up businesses on their social media strategies

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