This morning I went down to get my trouser amended, prior to going I had about 5,000 naira in the pocket of this said trouser and I totally forgot I had put it in there last night. Fast forward I went to an Hassan multipurpose shop near my street where they amended clothes, shoes and bags and gave the trouser to one to amend whilst I waited.

When he was there I went home and tested the trouser on my body, then I dipped my hand into my pockets and at that moment I remembered I had put some money there last night but lo and Behold there wasn’t any money in there anymore. It was crazy as I sped immediately with the trouser still on back to the shop, one arriving back there I couldn’t find the man who amended my trouser. I asked his colleagues about him but they said he had left then I complained to them that the cloth he amended for me had some money in it but I couldn’t find it anymore. They told me they had seen no money but that he had already left. Dang! This man has claimed sharp on me and zoomed off with my money and I was resigning to fate, he came strolled back to the shop from wherever he went to and I couldn’t recognize him but the other hausa men spoke some hausan to him and then told me he’s the one.. I told him i had some money in the trouser he amended but after shaping I couldn’t find the money…

Love and Behold, he dipped his hand in his pocket and told me he picked it on the floor that it must have fallen while I was removing the cloth from my body after testing his work. He handed back the 5,000 naira to me.
The honesty of this Muslim fella has made my Sunday already and I couldn’t help but wonder, how many of we Christians can actually do this. I know certain people who probably would have shared that money amongst themselves the moment they saw it and all connive to say they didn’t see it when I had returned to complain.

THE good is not by claiming we are God – fearing, it’s by our deeds.

This is a true story and happened to me minutes ago, Happy Sunday Guys.



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